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Thread: 1500pts

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    1500pts friendly

    as most people who follow the boards might notice i dont have a set plan for how i'd like to build my army, i continuously change it trying to prefect it, and so once again i have dropped the hive tyrant so here's a list that im curious how well you think would do on the field, mind you i only have the first three warrior broods, the lictors, the troops, one ravener and both of the heavy support fexes

    1500pts 40 models 75 wounds sv6+11, 5+4, 4+20, 3+3, 2+2 38 shots 95 attacks
    warriors3: enhanced senses, extended carapace, toxin sacs, scything talons, 1 barbed strangler, 2 devourers 109
    warriors3: enhanced senses, extended carapace, toxin sacs, scything talons, 1 venom cannon, 2 deathspitters 118

    warriors3: extended carapace, leaping, scything talons, rending claws 105
    dakkafex1: enhanced senses, dual twin-linked devourers 113
    lictor2: 160

    genestealers8: extended carapace 160
    termagants8: 48
    rippers3: 30

    ravener1: dual scything talons 38
    ravener1: dual scything talons 38
    warriors3 enhanced senses, toxin sacs, winged, scything talons, 1 venom cannon, 2 deathspitters 151

    zoanthropes2: warp blast, synapse 130
    assault fex1: adrenal glands(ws), reinforced chitin, scything talons, crushing claws 137
    sniperfex1: enhanced senses, reinforced chitin, barbed strangler, venom cannon 163

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