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    1500 pts, Choir/zilla list

    I want to do a choir'zilla list... I also want the things to look and act differently ("organic" is the idea) - no brood or monstrous organism is exactly the same.

    The list is not specifically tailored, nor competitive-minded in nature... I just want a relatively hard-hitting list with interesting tactical possibilities. Most of the Carnifex set-ups are pretty standard fare, but you can pick them apart if you like (I think the uberfex is KEWL to the MAXXXXX).

    Hive Tyrant
    - Enhanced Senses, Toxin Sacs
    - AG +WS, Toxic Miasma
    - Psychic Scream
    - Venom Cannon, Scything Talons
    + 2x Tyrant Guard
    = 255 pts

    - Enhanced Senses
    - 2x Twin-linked Devourers
    = 113 pts

    - Twin-Linked Devourers
    - Scything Talons
    - Adrenal Gland +I
    - Mace Tail
    = 114 pts
    ... this guy hangs out with the feeder tendril guys

    Gaunt Brood
    + 10x Termagaunts
    = 60 pts
    ... maybe I'll get another Macragge box for more of these guys & another cheap tactical squad of Ultramarines

    Gaunt Brood
    + 16x Spinegaunts
    = 80 pts

    Genestealer Brood
    + 10x Genestealers
    - Feeder Tendrils
    = 170 pts
    ... these guys shepherd in the gaunts & the l337 fex above

    Genestealer Brood
    + 8x Genestealers
    - Scything Talons
    = 160 pts

    - Enhanced Senses
    - Reinforced Chitin
    - Venom Cannon, Barbed Strangler
    = 163 pts

    - Reinforced Chitin, Bonded Exoskeleton
    - Tusked, Enhanced Senses, Toxin Sacs, Toxic Miasma, AG +WS +I, Flesh Hooks
    - Venom Cannon, Scything Talons, Mace Tail
    = 211 pts

    + Zoanthrope w/ Synapse, Psychic Scream
    + Zoanthrope w/ Catalyst, Psychic Scream
    + Zoanthrope w/ Warp Blast, Psychic Scream
    = 170 pts

    ~1496 pts

    Last edited by eater of corn; November 11th, 2006 at 06:51.

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    91 (x6)

    depending on what your playing against you don't need both adrenal glands on your tyrant since you already got the toxic miasma on him
    the second elite carnifex i would say either turn him into a dakkafex, or baitfex, dont try and split him it wont do him any good, right now you'd be lucky if two shots hit
    i really think your genestealers ought to have extended carapaces but if you thing it too expensive drop all upgrades on them altogether
    i think you should downsize the "uber" fex thats a lot of points for something that may not make it across the field
    and last give all you zoanthropes warp blast, anti tank, anti troop its one of the only things there good for aside synapse
    Legion Of Everblight: Abyslonia
    Protectorate of Menoth: Grand Exemplar Kreoss

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