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    2000 pts army list, what do you think?

    HQ = 205
    Lord with Destroyer Body, Phase Shifter, Warscythe, Phylactery, disruption Field and Gaze of Flames. 205
    In my opinion, this is the only useful Lord. Main purpose is to distract enemy nasty firepower by locking nasty gun units in CC (in order to annihilate them) with the help of the scarabs. Goal: make my Monolith as survivable as I can. Phase Shifter instead of RO here because he’s a loner, and a 4+ Invulnerable save on 3 Wounds is better than a 4+ WWB on power/rending weapons in my opinion, and it also cost less...

    Elites = 408
    4 Flayed Ones. 72
    These are great in missions where table quarters are involved. They could also save my Monolith from some nasty shots if they engage the enemy and lock him in combat.
    6 Immortals. 168
    6 Immortals. 168
    These are great mid-range fire support. They’ll shoot at what Destroyers can’t in the first turns to ensure that my Monolith makes it safe.

    Troops = 612
    20 Warriors. 360
    14 Warriors. 252
    These are the base of my army. I prefer Immortals to Warriors, so that’s why I’m not having 60 of these guys, anyway, my army focus on the survivability of my Monolith, and the monolith focus on the survivability of these guys, what wouldn’t work ?The squad of 20 is to get some nasty 40 shots a turn through the Monolith portal.

    Fast Attack = 428
    8 scarabs with disruption fields. 128
    These guys are the shield of my Lord (nasty IC status…). Main purpose is to engage the nastiest shooters of the opposing force. With luck they could even attract attention from some serious treat giving to my whole army spare time to prepare. Disruption fields in case my enemy as no valuable targets other than vehicles.
    3 Destroyers. 150
    3 Destroyers. 150
    These are amazing. 2 Squads ensures me more targets versatility and more mobility. Also, combined with a Tomb Spider, even if their squad size is small, they have good chance of WWB. TAKE THIS FOCUS FIRE!!

    Heavy Support = 345 pts
    2 Tomb Spiders. 110
    These are great moving LoS blocking targets. What is not to like? Useful for table quarters missions. They could also happen to be useful in CC… we never know. Main purpose is to make my small squads more survivable. TAKE THIS FOCUS FIRE!! AGAIN!!
    Monolith. 235
    This is my little beauty (only vehicle really worth it in the whole 40k universe, in my opinion). Its main purpose is to tease my enemy with its Gauss Flux Arc projector and teleport the big unit of warriors in order to make it valuable. Useful overall, what else to say? TAKE THIS 2+ SAVE SQUADS!! (or concentrated low save troops, your choice…)

    Total: 1998 points
    Necrons: 57
    Phase out at:14

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    Ok, Im not going to re-work your list for you but im going to give you some ideas on how to improve.

    Flayed ones - 4 is just pointless, either bump the squad to at least 8 or drop it entirely and spend the points elsewhere.

    Immortals - 2 squads of 6 is a little low, either combine that for a squad of 10 or find some points somewhere and bump both squads up to 8-10 (10 if able to)

    Warriors - Seems you like immortals so much, you can afford to lower the squads down to 2 lots of 15 and spend the points on some more immortals.

    Scarabs and Destroyers - Perfect, nothing to change here, i like it.

    Tomb spyders - I dont like them, i would say ditch them completely and get more immortals or something, much more valuable

    Monolith - Great in any list, cant go wrong there

    Take the advice how you like it, and let us know what you come up with if you do make any changes

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