Ok this is a freindly list for facing nids, crons and marines in a four way free for all setting. I'm getting pretty well owned so its no longer really a friendly thing; its about to get personal.

Basicly, i've used this list a few times and it hasn't gone terribly well. The tyranid player takes a dakka fex and a dakka tyrant. Both shoot away all my squads not in transports, and my 6 man banshee squad cant really hold their own alone. Any comments or alterations would be appretiated. And without any further adu, here it is:

1 x Farseer

8 x Striking Scorpions
-shadow strike

6 x Banshees

10 x guardians

10 x Dire Avengers
-double catapults
-blade storm

1 x Falcon
-Pulse laser

Total: 753pts

Please rip it to sheds, i dont care if i have to change everything to make it even slightly more effective. Thanks guys.