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    Imperial Ork List Help

    Hey there,

    I've recently started an Imperial Orks army, which the progress can be seen on the conversion forum. I've gotten most of my heavy choices taken as it is a theme army and certain choices are very much critical to the look of the army.

    I've decided to use the Deathskulls clan list as they can take a lot of looted things, and my orks will use a lot of imperial weapons that will count as ork weapons, such as flamers counting as burnas.

    Here is what I have so far -

    Looted Leman Russ Tank
    3x Killa Kans (Sentinels Converted into Killa Kans)

    Lootas (Hvy weapons team - they will be able to be any type with magnets and positioning)
    Lootas - Infantry squad with plasma/melta and maybe another hvy weapons team

    Other than that I don't quite know which way to go.

    I had planned on using some large squads of slugga boys and probably a unit of burna boys.

    HQ's would be a Warboss and a Big Mek as they would help the battlewagon with not dying so quick.

    I have a fair amount of bikes, a squad of tankbustas, plans on making custom Storm Boys, A dreadnaught, basilisk, and a bunch of 2nd edition orks that I had planned on using as gretchin.

    What do you think would help compliment the above items? Keep in mind that the purpose of this is more for fun and looks rather than tournament competition, although that is always nice!

    Thanks for the help

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    I'll move this to the army list forum.

    It looks sweet, by the ways.

    Anzac Clan!
    Final Fantasy!

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