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    Battlesuit-heavy Army (2000 pts)

    Ok everyone, I've fiddled with my battlesuit army list (the rough draft can be found elsewhere in this forum). I did some fine tuning with weapon selection and such, and I came up with this list. It's 2000 pts by the way. Here's the key to battlesuit nomenclature, followed by the army list itself.

    Crisis Battlesuit Configurations
    Helios-6: TLPR, FB, MT
    Fireknife-6: TLPR, MP, MT
    Burning Eye: TWPR

    XV8 Shas'el w/ Helios-6
    2 XV8 Shas'vre w/ Helios-6

    XV8 Shas'el w/ Fireknife-6
    2 XV8 Shas'vre w/ Fireknife-6

    XV8 Shas'ui TL w/ Fireknife-6
    2 XV8 Shas'ui w/ Burning Eye + TA

    XV8 Shas'ui TL w/ Fireknife-6
    2 XV8 Shas'ui w/ Burning Eye + TA

    6 XV25 Shas'ui w/ 2 FB, 4 BC, TAs

    3x 12 Fire Warriors w/ Pulse Rifles
    6 Fire Warriors w/ Pulse Carbines

    Heavy Support
    XV88 Shas'ui TL w/ TLRG, SMS, TA, HWMT
    2 XV88 Shas'ui w/ TLRG, SMS, TL

    XV88 Shas'ui w/ TLRG, SMS, ASS

    XV88 Shas'ui w/ TLRG, SMS, ASS

    I did a lot of number crunching to figure out the hit probabilities of weapons combos, and I found that it's better to have 2 weapons w/ 1 set twin-linked than to have 2 weapons with a targeting array - the to-hit probability is slightly higher (though not by much!). On the regular Shas'ui, though, it's more effective to twin-link than to improve the BS because you can't hard-wire a multi-tracker to facilitate 3 weapon hardpoints.

    All mathhammer aside, I like the feel of this list. I'm not worried too much about the lack of mobile anti-tank; I'm pretty used to lists with little anti-armor weapons. I just focus on the objective or on destroying the other parts of the enemy force instead of going after the Monoliths/Land Raiders/Leman Russes (though with 5 TLRGs I think I'll be able to threaten enemy armor).

    Any comments or suggestions regarding composition and/or tactics would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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