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    1500pts diy ulthwe

    so guys i figured id try doing a fluffy ulthwe list. to be honest id like more psykers in it but i wanted a fair number of models on the board, guardians not exactly being the best of the best...

    Farseer= Doom, Mind war, Spirit stones

    6 Fire dragons

    10 Guardians w/ EML platform, warlock w/ conceal

    10 Guardians w/ EML platform, warlock w/ conceal

    10 Guardians w/ Scatter laser platform, warlock w/ conceal

    10 Guardians w/ Shuriken cannon platform, warlock w/ conceal

    3 Jetbikes w, Shuriken cannon, warlock w/ destructor

    Vyper= 2 Shuriken cannons

    Vyper= scatter laser, shuriken cannon

    War Walker= 2 Scatter lasers

    Falcon= Star cannon. shuriken cannon, vectored engines, holofields, spirit stones

    Falcon= Scatter laser. shuriken cannon, vectored engines, holofields, spirit stones

    bit worried by the less than amazing close combat potential but hopefully sheer number of shurkat shots should do the trick. the fire dragons can hopefully take out tough tanks. would prefer nto take wraithguard but paying 35quid for a unit isnt really my thing...anyroad, comments?

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    I can't trip you up on effective on your heavy choices. But i always thought heavy weapon platforms were really Ulthwe fluffy. That and war walkers!
    Those fire dragons really stick out being aspect warriors. Having so few with so many guardians is fluffy but It would be awesome if you did it with no aspect warriors.
    Have you considered harlies for some hth? 6 could fit in a falcon.
    Or even better make a squad of warlocks fit in a falcon. With enhance and witchblades they be pretty good in hth plus they can have some flamers. This would add fluffyness and solve some of you hth problem. Or arm them with singing spears and they could replace the fire dragons for tank killing and still be good in hth.

    For the most part, I just have fluffyness suggestions.

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