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    Super Fluffy Altansar, 1850

    Maugan Ra- 195

    7 Harlequins- 180
    -6 kisses, Shadowseer

    7 Wraithguard- 296
    -Spiritseer with Conceal

    10 Guardians- 95

    10 Guardians- 95

    10 Dire Avengers- 152
    -Exarch with Two Shuriken Catapults, Bladestorm
    -Wave Serpent- 150
    -EMLs, Spirit Stones, Vectored Engines

    14 Kroot Vulture Kindred- 234
    -Shaper with Eviscerator, Blood of the Stalker

    3 Dark Reapers- 147
    -Exarch with Tempest Launcher, Crack Shot

    Wraithlord- 155
    -EML, Brightlance

    3 Vibro Cannons- 150

    Maugan, Lots of Guardians, minimal aspect warriors, lots of wraithtroops, lots of allies. I feel this embodies the desperation of the Altansar rather well. Any comments are much appreciated!


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