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    1500 First Tyranid List

    I have decided to start a Tyranid Army. I have not purchased any models yet, but will probably start with 2 or 3 battleforce boxes.

    This list is based of the models that come in that box, along with a few other things that I thought really added to the list. It's supposed to be a balanced all-comers list.

    Here it goes....

    HQ -
    Hive Tyrant - 1
    En. Sen, Ex. Cara, T. Sacs, Barbed Str, VC
    182 points

    Elite -
    Warrior - 3
    AG(ws), En. Sen, T. Sacs, Barbed Str(x1) Devourer (x2) rending (x3)
    112 points

    Warrior - 3
    Same as above
    112 points

    Troops -
    Genestealer - 12
    Sc. Talons
    240 points

    Gaunt - 12
    T. Sacs, Fleshborer
    108 points

    Gaunt - 12
    Same as above
    108 points

    Hormigaunt - 12
    AG (I), T. Sacs
    156 points

    Hormigaunt - 11
    Same as above
    143 points

    Heavy Support -
    Fex - 1
    En. Senses, Ex. Cara, Barbed Str. VC
    173 points

    Zoanthrops - 3
    Warp Blast
    165 points

    Total points: 1499

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    Welcome to Tyranids! A couple comments on the list...

    The Tyrant looks good, except that he is slow. Normally if you have a walking Tyrant, its a good idea to give him a guard or two.

    Can't complain about the warriors. except you might want to drop the BS and get a VC instead. Personally I like a VC on a warrior since 1 shot will hit, rather than every other shot with the BS.

    Good troops choices, except to many upgrades in my opinion. Lose the ST on the stealers, and get EC instead. 24 attacks, 36 on the charge with rending is PLENTY! You do not need another 12 attacks. The EC will also up their survivability immensly. If you want, you can break them up into 2 units of 6 to give you more flexability, thats just more personal preferences in my opinion.

    Fleshborer gaunts are great, but the toxin sacs are a little unnecessary. Again, gaunts are meant to die and be cheap, you should limit the biomorphs on them as much as possible. Hormies are great, but again, you need to be careful about the upgrades as they are still only T3 and a 6+ save, meaning they die easy. If you want to give them I or Str, only give one. Personally I would just give Str.

    HS- I like it. Personally I always like going with 2 Sniperfex's, but I use a CC Tyrant also. One Fex with the shooting Fex should give you enough firepower, not to mention the Zoanthropes as wel;.

    Overall the list looks good. Again, I would look at lowering the biomorphs on your gaunts, and swapping out EC and ST on the stealers. If you can get enough points from that to get a guard, do it. If not, I would suggest dropping a Zoantrhope to get a guard. Good luck!
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    yep getting guard is a great idea otherwise he will be a las target and will go down pretty easily.....or even better change up the weapons to two twin-linked devourers and give him wings and warp field.....

    i am not a fan of gun gaunts especially small amounts... as they will be mowed down before they can get close enough to shoot with any effectiveness.... more hormies would be better IMO....

    like he said... drop the scything talons on the 'stealers and make sure they have Extended carapace.......

    Maybe think about giving carni reinforced chitin as it will give him an extra wound which can be huge for keeping around for another turn.....

    also you may want to drop one of the zoanies and give each zoanie synapse...... as they are not given it automatically... they are a little bit tougher to crack than warriors. Keep in mind that any marine opponent will have landspeeders and a few other heavy bolters in its army... even at 1500 points.... and heavy bolters and assault cannons are the BANE of genestealers and warriors.

    Your hormagaunts are right on track though ... i run 3 squads of 12 with the same setup myself.

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