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    400 pt Combat Patrol

    Hey guys, on december 15th my friends and I are having a combat patrol tournament. I have to choose between tau, eldar, tyranids, and necrons (though crons kinda suck in combat patrol).
    Depending on which list gets the best reviews I will select that to bring to the table. I will be playing against Chaos, SM, IG, other Tau, other nids, and perhaps even Sisters of Battle.

    Without further adieu,

    Tau 400pt Combat Patrol
    170 pts 14 kroot, 8 kroot hounds + shaper
    120 pts 12 fire warriors w/ 2 pulse carbines
    065 pts Pirhana w/ fusion gun
    065 pts Pirhana w/ fusion gun
    400 pts
    37 models
    2 vehicles

    My other CP lists:

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