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    400p, 600p & 750p Friendly - playing tomorrow

    Hello, tomorrow I'm going to play with two of my friends, one eldar and one SM. We're going to play 1vs1 (as far as I know), and 400p & 600p will be the most likely limits, though I've included a 750p list.

    Critique would be welcomed. Oh, and when playing the SM player I'm allowed to proxy, though against the other opponent I'm pretty sure I'll be allowed to do so too...

    Thanks in advance.


    1 Hive Tyrant (warp field, 2xST, TS, winged) 178p
    subtotal: 178p

    17 termagaunts - 136p
    16 spinegaunts - 80p
    8 genestealers(EC) - 160p
    subtotalt: 376p

    3 Zoanthropes (warpblast, synapse) 195p
    subtotal: 195p

    Total: 749p
    number of bases: 45


    1 Hive Tyrant (warp field, 2xST, TS, winged) 178p
    subtotal: 178p

    11 termagaunts - 88p
    16 spinegaunts - 80p
    6 genestealers - 120p
    subtotal: 288p

    2 zoanthropes (warpblast, synapse) 130p
    subtotal: 130p

    number of bases: 36


    3 Warriors (ST, RC, +init, EC, TS) 99p
    subtotal: 99p

    6 genestealers (EC) 120p
    16 spinegaunts 80p
    10 ripper swarms 100p
    subtotal: 300p

    Total: 400p
    number of bases: 35

    The general idea: Big swarm advances, genestealers try to get to cover. When assaulting, the flying tyrant (600&750p) will jump out of cover and aid the troops (synapse&slaughter). Since warpblast is capable of downing MEQs eldar infantry will probably not be a problem for them to thin out

    EDIT: should I add AG (+1 WS) or flesh hooks on the flyrant @600p ?

    *lots of edits*

    Last edited by pen; December 11th, 2006 at 16:12.

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