2000 pts Iyanden - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2000 pts Iyanden

    Ok not that I'm ever going to collect Iyanden (to much $) but there has been some recent discussion over whether or not wraithguard are good.
    I'm hoping I've got a list here that will make wraithguard quite powerful. Albeit lacking ranged firepower since I had to drop the reapers. Its model count isn't that bad either compared to many other armies.

    The idea is that the flying wraithguard take out tanks or termies or anything else big (maybe not terminators because of certain power fists). 18 wraithguard advance up the board along with the wraithlords, avatar and guardians. The banshees eliminate threats such as devastators and/or back up the wraithguard once cc ensues. The pathfinders are a bit out of place but I like to have something able to support people from afar.


    9 Howling Banshees
    Exarch /w executioner, war shout
    Wave Serpent /w twin-shuriken cannons, shuriken cannon, vectored engines

    5 Wraithguard
    Warlock /w enhance
    Wave serpent /w twin shuriken cannons, twin shuriken catapults, vectored engines

    8 Wraithguard
    Warlock /w conceal

    10 Wraithguard
    Spiritseer /w conceal

    5 Pathfinders

    10 Guardians /w scatter laser

    Heavy Support
    Wraithlord /w bright lance, wraithsword, 2 flamers

    Wraithlord /w scatter laser, shuriken cannon, 2 flamers

    1998 points

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    LL mate, I dont agree that Iyanden has the issues you are being presented with, sure you will loose some wraithguard/lords to fire as you advance with a traditional Iyanden army, but that has always been the case, the conventional 3 WL and 3 squads of WG still works in the same way

    acordingly I wouldnt strip it out and fill it so much

    Whilst the list could work it will be very difficult to get the timing right so that your assault elements dont get in the way of your shooting and everything hits at the right time, it is not undoable, but IMHO it overly complicates teh basic Iyanden formula
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