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    Ni!! davidH's Avatar
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    Nov 2006
    the unknown frontier, NT Aus
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    1200 pts of orks (friendly)

    EDIT: actually this army is supposed to be 1400pts in value my mistake.

    please tell me what you think of my ork horde type army.

    HQ 297pts
    warboss, power claw, slugga, eavy armour, iron gob, frag and krak
    5x nobz, 2 rokkits, 3 sluggas, 5 choppas, eavy armour, frag and krak

    Troops 953pts
    20x shoota boyz, 2x big shootas, 176pts

    22x slugga boyz, 3x burnas, 216pts

    22x slugga boyz, 3x rokkits, 213pts

    22x slugga boyz, 3x rokkits, 213pts

    Fast attack 135pts
    3x warbuggies, T L rokkits, armour plates, 135pts

    Heavy Support 150pts
    3x killer kanz, 2x rokkits, skorcha, armour plates, 150pts

    total points = 1400

    fairly simple tactics, move foward while shooting rokkits and such and engage the enemy. i'm hoping there will be enough rokkit launchas to take care of any enemy vehicles. the kans can soak up fire that would otherwise go to my troops and they sport extra rokkit launchas to help out.

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    Total 40k: >5000pts
    total WFB: ~2000pts
    I also enjoy good music, fine food, late night strolls on the beach and dancing in moonkin form :)

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    Maybe think about a trukk for the Boss n Nobz, bcoz otherwise they'll have a horrible tendency to get shot b4 they can do anything

    And as a general rule, i don't give my Warboss a power klaw. He's like they only ork with a initiative thats reasonable even WITHOUT the Waaagh
    The power klaw neutralises that advantage. By all means have one, but chuck it on a Nob. There isn't a lot of difference between strength 10 and 8 against like ALL infantry, and it means u get to use the Boss' initiative.

    Umm... and one last thing... if u can get something else for the points of ur krak stikkbombz, then do so...

    Other than that, let me know how u go and i'll see if i can help with any problems u have
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