Grimshag's Rukkin' Stomperz - Blood Axe Warband (Need opinions) - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Grimshag's Rukkin' Stomperz - Blood Axe Warband (Need opinions)

    I have always wanted to make a fluffy Blood Axe warband and now I'm finally getting going.
    The Blood Axes are my favorite orks for several reasons.
    Firstly, they have the best conversion potential of all the clanz and I am already sculpting military caps for da boyz along with monacles for some of da nobz and lots more.
    Secondly, their fluff really makes them unique and fun to play.
    And finally, nobody else plays them! Perfect!

    So anyhoo... Here's my first draft at a potential army list of roughly 1700 pts (haven't checked). Let me know what you think. I am trying to go with a nice and fluffy Blood Axe warband. (Keep in mind that it's my first ork army. I'm used to Imperial Guard and Space Marines).

    -Warboss Grimshag
    ('Eavy Armour, Bionik Bonce, 'Uge Choppa, Kombi weapon: skorcha, Iron Gob, Bosspole)
    -Nob Bodyguard
    (3x nobz with sluggaz & choppaz, 3 with power klawz & sluggaz, eavy armour?)

    -Kommandoz Mob "Da Sapperz"
    (8x kommandoz with sluggaz & choppaz, 1x kommando with rokkit launcha, 1x nob with power klaw & slugga and iron gob, tankbusta bombz)
    -Kommandoz Mob "Da Agentz"
    (8x kommandoz with shootaz, 1x kommando with big shoota, 1x nob with choppa & shoota and iron gob)

    -Slugga Boyz Mob
    (20x slugga boyz, 3x burnaz, 1 nob with choppa & slugga, posspole)
    -Slugga Boyz Mob
    (20x slugga boyz, 3x burnaz, 1 nob with choppa & slugga, posspole)
    -Slugga Boyz Mob
    (20x slugga boyz, 3x burnaz, 1 nob with choppa & slugga, posspole)
    -Gretchin Mob
    (30x Grotz, 1x slaver with grabba stick, slugga, squighound)

    Fast Attack:
    -Trukk Boyz 'Da Shokk Boyz'
    (8x boyz with sluggaz & choppaz, 1x boy with burna, 1x nob with power klaw & slugga, iron gob)
    -Wartrukk (Big shoota)

    Heavy Support:
    -Looted Leman Russ 'Da Tank'
    (Heavy Bolter Sponsons, Lascannon)

    Let's hear some feedback. Remember, this is just some ideas. I would also like some 'ard boyz and some more vehicles (conversion manik!).

    "We're the Death Korp of Krieg, son. Did you think that was just a pretty name? We never retreat. We fight and we die, that's the Krieg way."
    -Lieutenant Konarski at the Battle of Erebus

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    Alright, glad to see another potential greenskin coming our way. First off, you seem to be using the regular codex list, if you chose to take the clan lis you could use kommandos as troop choices and have up to three looted vehicles (although they all have to be different). Also using the list you can place your warboss and retinue in a Chimera for fun.

    Next up: 'Uge choppa bad, powerclaw good. The standard warboss kit seems to be a choppa and a powerclaw along with any armour and gear you choose to give him. This tends to maximize his potential. Also retinue are generally recognized as being a potential point sink. mainly as it is very difficult to make their points back. This is not to say you shouldn't take one though.

    The grabba stick is genuinely useless on the slaver, as it's rules are now obsolete, this is the one case a 'uge choppa become worthwhile, as the slaver cannot benefit from the power of the waaagh and is useful when tying up units. I generally just give mine a squighound and a rokkit. The sluggas look decent though powerclaws on the nobs can be spectacularly useful (though a tad expensive). Bosspoles should also be used selectively and given to second line units rather than preliminary liners. Firt line boyz tend to receive the brunt of the damage (except for grots) so it is important that the squads (skawds) can mob up with the boyz behind them.

    A decent list on the whole but make sure you check out the clan rules on the GW website. Blood axes can be pretty tough to get used to from what I hear but they definantly have potential. Best of luck and krump some 'eads for ol' greytoof
    Gargrimz Green Deff
    W:10 D:4 L:5

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