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    3rd 'Nid list (750 points)

    7 Genestealers
    7 Extended carapace
    Total 210

    8 Genestealers
    8 Scuttlers
    8 Extended carapace
    Total 184

    10 Gaunts
    10 Scuttlers
    10 Fleshborers
    Total 80

    10 Gaunts
    10 Scuttlers
    10 Fleshborers
    Total 80

    3 Zoanthropes
    3 Warp blast
    3 Synapse creature
    Total 195

    Army Total 749 points
    39 Models

    Basic idea is to keep the gaunts infront of the genestealers to offer protection for the first turn while the genestealers cant assault. If the genestealers somehow can achieve a first turn assault, then the gaunts will wander off elsewhere to go to use, or else soften up the squad that the genestealers will charge.
    The zoanthropes will take out any tanks or other things that can be a thread to the genestealers.
    Just get the genestealers into combat hopefully still 8 strong (or close to), and let them do what they do best.
    If any gaunts survive after the genestealers get into combat, they will just walk around shooting random **** to relieve their boredom.

    Also, just a quick question...
    The rules arent exactly clear, but if i have a genestealer squad behind a gaunt squad, can the genestealers be shot at if the enemy passes a leadership test?
    If not, then can the zoanthropes hide bedind gaunts/stealers the same?


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    To answer your question first, if your opponent passes his leadership test then yes he can shoot at your genestealers or thropes behind your gaunts.

    If your Broodlord is going to infiltrate I would drop his squad size just a little, its easier to hide a small squad then to hide a larger one.

    I would also drop the scuttlers, you most likely wont get a first turn assault. And I remember a while back that you can't get a first turn assault do to all of the rules and the broodlord not being able to use FoF. Drop the scuttlers you can get more of a meat shield in.

    I would drop synapse off of one or two of the thropes depending on how confident you are in exchange for psychic scream. But then again thats just me.
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