This is a list based on the last codex because I have yet to update, this list was thought up earlier to day with the Alaitoc theme of mind still bearing down. Game was against a Chaos player, who had to leave forty mins after game start but in that forty mins this list took out at least a third of his pts. Comments please(pts based on old codex, stats on new one from Reference sheet)

First turn took down a 215pt Special Character with Dark Reapers, and two squads were completely destroyed at the end of the game and one had three remaining members(remember the game was not finished)

Jain Zar w/5 Howling Banshees

Farseer- Mind War, runes of witnessing and ghost helm

2x4 Rangers
(one squad killed)

2x5 Pathfinders

20 Guardians w/Brightlance and Farseer w/them
(untouched by enemy fire)

Fast Attack:
5 Warp Spiders
(this squad died)

5 Warp Spiders w/Exarch- Power blades and Withdraw

4 Dark Reapers

Falcon- Scatter Laser, Shuriken Cannon, Holo Field, Spirit Stone
(never shot at, was transporting Jain Zar and Banshees

Would like to replace Guardians and Farseer with a unit of Striking Scorpians and either a Vibro Cannon or D-Cannon for anti-tank; I don't know which is for which.