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    Need Help w/ 1500 All Purpose Biel Tan

    This is one of my first lists, and I was hopping to get some feed back on it. I intend it to be a 1500 point multi purpose army that will give me a good base to build from in the future. It isn't quite done yet, and this is one of the reasons I am looking for some advise. Any and all critiques are appreciated. (I apologize in advance for any math errors)

    HQ: 120

    120=Farseer w/ guide, doom, and spirit stones.

    Troops: 294

    294=2 X 10 DA including 1 exarch w/ Blade Storm

    Elites: 561

    177 = 10 Striking Scorpions incl 1 exarch w/ Biting Blade mounted in:
    130 = Wave serpent (for scorpions) with Shuriken cannons, spirit stone, and vectored engines

    182 = 10 Howling Banshees incl 1 exarch w/ executioner

    72 = 6 Fire Dragons mounted in Falcon (below)

    Heavy Support: 420

    160 = Falcon w/ Shuriken cannon x 2 ( including upgraded catapults)

    260 = 2 X Waithlord w/ Bright lance and 2 hand flamers

    Fast Attack: 0

    Points remaining : 105

    So my basic strategy is that my DAs and wraith lords will be the back bone of the army, and along with the farseer will hopefully be able to do some decent damage while occupying the majority of the enemies attention. The Banshees will back up this group with some close combat support, while the fire dragons and scorpions are in there transports hitting the enemy where they are weak. The points I have remaining right now aren't a lot, and some options I was considering are:

    Avatar (make the points with some sacrifices elsewhere, fits with biel tan fluff, but with wraithlords i feel like I have enough with main force)
    Dire Avengers (either partial squad, or make another full squad w/ sacrifices elsewhere)
    Vypers (for additional Fast attack)

    I am not dead set on any of the setups right now, and am open to any suggestions that people have. I am still collecting a large part of this force, so am very flexible as to what would be in the final army.


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    A couple quick comments.

    The biting blade.....Bites Go with the claw.

    Since scorps can infiltrate and actually survive light arms fire I would put the banshees in the serpent.

    Also note for almost the same cost as the banshees in the serpent you could have two wings of five shining spears. For a few points more they could be exarced. Personally between the extra mobility and ability to harm marder targets I like the spears. Just something to think about.

    Falcons should ABSOLUTLY have the holofield and spirit stone upgrades. Really.

    And yeah you do have some math errors in there (fire dragons)

    I actually think an avatar would work well in your force. Maybe shave off some things like guide and spirit stones. etc.

    The reason is that with 6" move troops often your oponent will either close with you or you'll have to close with them. And the avatar is very nice in those situations. Also when hiding behind wraithlords the avatar can't be shot which means he'll have a better chance of making it into CC.

    Here's a tactical trick for added fun. Instead of bladestorm give the exarc defend and shimmerfield. When some enemy unit gets close and has things like chaplians or hidden powerfists charge with the DA and the avatar/wraithlord. Be sure to get the DAs in contact with the powerfists and make sure the big guys aren't. While trying to get the big guys into contact with a fair number of regular troopers that aren't touching the DA's.

    By the rules (which actually make sense in this case) your opponent will have to waste the fists on defended shimmering avengers while the regulars swing worthlessly at the big guys. Before being squished.

    Remeber monstrous creatures count as ten models so hopefully the enemy will break and if they don't hopefully you'll kill them next turn before they get a chance to use the fists properly.

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