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    1500 DE Airforce - My First Army List ^^ - Tournament

    Hey everyone, as most of you may know, i'm new, and have yet to post an army list. Well, here it is. I really like the Skimmer-Based Army, and i think it gives me the most room to play around with in-game tactical manuevers and such.

    EDIT: I've now modified the list, now it sports a LEGAL archon =D


    Archon - Punisher, T.Helm, Animus Vitae, CDrugs, G.Talisman, P.Gren, Hell Mask, Shadow Field
    159 pts

    Total: 159pts


    6 Mandrakes

    Total: 90 pts


    Raider - H.Fex
    5 Warriors - 1 DL
    110 pts x 6 = 660 pts

    Total: 660 pts

    Fast Attack
    5 RJB - Succubus - GoS, Haywire Gren.
    - 2 Blasters
    Total: 170 pts

    Heavy Support

    Ravager - H.Fex, N.Shields, 2 Dissie
    140 pts x 3

    Total: 420 pts

    Grand Total: 1499 pts

    This army is based heavily on high Mobility, using speed to outmanuever and outflank the opponent. Firstly, the use of Horrorfexes is very great in my army, with a total of 9, i use it to pin down units that i don't want to fight yet, keeping most of his forces pinned, the rest of my army takes the enemy apart piece by piece.

    Several things that people may find odd:

    1) Lone Lord, why? I don't want to tie him down to an incubi squad, neither do i want to have a clunky warrior squad following him, as he is very expensive already, His duty is to pick off enemy troops. After heavy bombardment from the main force, he speeds in to mop up the enemy troops. This should maximize his chances of capturing enemy troops, with that, he should be able to achieve S6 attacks(w Drugs). the power to wound MEQs on 2+ with armour save is awesome.

    2) RJB squad, this is my Tank-hunter unit(although, all of my units(save the archon) can deal with Armoured threats(Thank you Darklances ^^), this has the specific task of coming round the back to use both the Haywire and the GoS to kill. These guys are actually more against transports, because of their speed, they should be able to block the exits of the APC as they haywire, or GoS to oblivion.

    3) The Mandrakes, you're probably thinking i've just made a newbie choice. Maybe it is(i had 90 pts lying around), but after reading many articles on Mandrake usage, i think i should be able to use them effectively as distractions, support assaulters(archon mainly), objective-takers, Tau/IG eaters, Psychological warfare, and Crossfire enablers.

    So, what do you guys think?

    P.S. Go easy on me, just tell me my mistakes, what i can improve, without any insults or such, this is my first list after all =D

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    Is your HQ on a bike? If he is footslogging it is very dangerous. You may want to put him in one of your raider squads and then let him go independently.


    Mandrakes are good for late game objective taking, but that's really it. They don't have enough numbers or good saves to survive prolonged battles, even with a bunch of fire warriors or gaurdsmen.

    You also have no wyches, and in my opinion, wyches are the best thing the Dark Eldar Army has, they're wych weapons and combat drugs make them EXTREMELY useful in hand to hand combat. They are usually worth every point they're worth. And I would recommend one or two squads in this list.


    All of your troops are small, and are on flying coffins. You want to buff up their numbers so they can survive longer, and give them a sybarite with an agoniser, and one blaster and one splinter cannon per squad. The squad number should be around 8-10 man squads.

    You might also want atleast one squad of warriors with 10 warriors and 2 dark lances, these 'sniper' squads are very useful against taking out tanks and keeping table quarters in games. Just keep them in cover and let them shoot.

    Your fast attack and Heavy support seem good, I hope this helps, but Í'm running out of time, and have to go. Good luck with your list and happy new year.

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    Well, welcome to LO and I'm really annoyed that yet another person has joined far more recently than me and done over double the ammount of posts...
    Anyway I really like the army list except that your leader really should be on a jetbike or some more mobile transport than just on foot, and also mandrakes are really useless unless you use them right towards the end to take the objective in the last couple of moves.
    You really badly need some wyches, time and time again they have been the thing that stops me in a battle and will definately work to your advantage.
    Some dark lances will help to get rid of any vehicles and for all the other units of warriors-make them bigger! They're really useful units in large numbers.
    Otherwise great list and have a Happy New Year!!
    If someone helps you with your query then you really should rep them, especially if that person is me, :D because that is obviously going to be really useful. :o

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