1700 points Necrons vs Witch Hunter - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1700 points Necrons vs Witch Hunter

    This is in attempt to win my first game against witch hunters.
    He has the following models:
    2 excorsist
    1 Immolator
    1 Repressor (forge world) I let him if he wants...
    30 SOBs in 3 10 man squads (well woman)
    1 Seraphim squad 10 man
    1 Canonness (2+ save) He likes it invul
    1 Squad of the SOB devestators with 4 H-Bolters*forgot the name*
    Maybe some more *possibly a rihno*

    Well my list is destroyer heavy:
    HQ:-Necron Lord: Warscyth, Res Orb, Destroyer Body, Phase Shifter (210)
    -Necron lord: Warscyth, Res Orb, Chronodometron (155)


    Troops:-Warrior Squad: 10 Warriors (180)
    -Warrior Squad: 10 Warriors (180)
    -Warrior Squad: 10 Warriors (180)

    Fast Attack:-Destroyer Squad: 4 Destroyers (200)
    -Destroyer Squad: 4 Destroyers (200)
    -Destroyer Squad: 4 Destroyers (200)

    Heavy Support:-Heavy Destroyer (65)
    -Heavy Destroyer (65)
    -Heavy Destroyer (65)
    1700 points

    Phase out 11

    What I want to do is kill all his vehicles first turn. If he uses alot the 2 Excorsits and the Immolator first. Also shoot the seraphim and then if still alive, the Canoness will be assaulted by the D-Lord. Then shoot the "Devs" then shoot the rest while staying out of their possible 18" assault and rapid fire range. But after They have been whittled down to maybe 23 I'll start going closer with warriors to rapid fire.



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    If you want to kill his vehicles turn 1, kill the HD's, they're worthless.

    If you really want to run a destroyer army you must fill the normal destroyers to the max. IOW Max all three squads allowed.

    If some SOB get out of the tanks when they're destroyed... DS a 'lith, That's the worst nightmare for anything coming out of a wreck.

    Keep the DLord with the destroyers for obvious reasons. The warsythe is worthless except form tanks, the SoL is just as good if not better, because it's free! And you get 3 shots instead of 2.

    Once I get Army Builder I will make a list that you may like, it'll be easier that way and I'll be able to see everything much better. The demo just doesn't cut it with only 3 squad choices at once.

    Hope that helps for now.
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