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    1500 pts Eldar Shooting List

    1 Farseer (HQ)
    Singing Spear;
    Spirit Stones

    10 Guardian Defender Squad
    Scatter Laser

    10 Guardian Defender Squad
    Scatter Laser

    9 Dire Avengers
    +1 Exarch
    2 Avenger Cat
    Wave Serpent
    Spirit Stones
    Vectored Engines

    5 Warp Spiders+ 1 Exarch
    Powerblades; 2 Deathspinners

    1 Fire Prism
    Spirit Stones

    1 Wraithlord
    Flamer (x2); Bright Lance&Missile Launcher

    1 Wraithlord
    Flamer (x2); Scatter Laser& Starcannon

    2 Vyper
    Shuriken Cannon Upgrade; Shuriken Cannon

    2 Shining Spears (Fast Attack)
    + 1 Exarch

    Models in Army: 48

    Total Army Cost: 1496

    It is my 2nd armylist with Eldar (and 40k!!) .
    What do you think?
    Are 2 WraithLord too much?
    I need some CC unit, what would you sugest to use ?

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    Ok first thing don't field a lone fire prism it'll only tickle Marine Equivalent (MEQ) armies. You need two to do combined shots. Keep the other wraithlord they're alright.

    Don't bother with the avengres in the wave serpent. Either have a bunch on cheap ground pounding avengers or put some useful fire dragons in the serpent. Actually since that many dragons don't need the exarc that should be about the same points.

    I'd cheapen up my farseer (and make them less likely to explode) by removing guide and the stones.

    Or actually I'd drop the vyper, put the farseer on a jetbike with forutne and increase the spears to full unit size. And give the exarc the better lance, you'll need it for instakilling and hitting vehicles.

    Or if you actually want to be shooty drop the spears (they need support) and get three EML vypers. They can hide and shoot at a distance for reasonably cheap.

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    I like the list! There are a few suggestions I'd like to give you.

    This list is 90% shooty, this means if your opponent gets in melee or has an evil long-range firing unit you're in trouble. Instead of placing the Avengers in a Serpent, try playing 10 Bainshees inside that vehicle, and let your Avengers walk. Ten Bainshees will scare anyone,especially because they can count on a Farseer's Doom, which means any Doomed target will be annihilated. Shining Speras, though very strong, won't be able to deal with most targets on their own. 3 Shining Speras + 10 Bainshees on a Serpent will serve as a great counterattack force and will give the opportunity to quickly move behind enemy lines.

    Since your Farseer has also Guide, you should definitely try D-Cannons and\or War Walkers.
    Three WW with dual Scatter Lasers will destroy any unit, even MEQs will be forced to take so many saves they'll eventually fail too many. This morning I've faced some Space Wolves and my Guided WW got a rid of his whole Havocs unit in a single turn (the name of that unit for the Space Wolves has a different name, I can't remember it). D-Cannons unfortunately have a short range, but if you Guide them they'll be able to reroll the deviation dice. Any unit getting within D-Cannons range is going to take a lot of casualties, and since they don't require LOS you can place them behind a building and shoot. Talking about the same game versus Wolves, 3 D-Cannons scored nearly 800pts, blasting away two full Troop units and his HQ+Termies squad. He didn't expect my cannons to be so effective,and he paid for that. Most Eldar armies rely on Falcons or other common Heavy choices, a lot of opponents will look at your D-Cannons with a "Wtf?" look. If you deploy smartly and place them in a zone where your opponent will be forced to move through,you'll be impressed.

    I love Spiders but I don't usually give Power Blades to the Exarc, I don't really want them to assault (or get assaulted). If you have the points they're a good weapon though!

    If your opponent lacks long range weaponry, you could play a Prism with no upgrades. He's cheap and if you manage to keep it away from danger he'll always work nice. But as Sunnyside already wrote, 2 Prisms will shine against any army, while a single Prism will work great only against non-MEQs lists. Moreover if your only dangerous vehicle is a Prism (the Serpent still shots,but he's a transport afterall), your opponent will throw anything at it,and a single weapon destroyed will make it useless.

    I like playing a single Vyper with Scatter Laser and Shuri-upgrade. Quite cheap, lots of mid\short range hits to deal with vehicles, a few long range shoots to annoy enemy troops.

    If you really want to go shooty, try switching a Wraithlord with 3 War Walkers with dual Scatters (you'll need to remove some points,I'd go with a single Vyper). That's the most important advice I'd give to anyone trying to play a shooty list,as for the rest there are so many viable options it would take ages to write them all.

    Actually Playing:
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    Either become all shooty by dropping the Spears or you should back up your force with something very very deadly in assault as a backup unit. If you keep they Wave Serpent then preferably mount them in one too. The Wave Serpent(s) should be armed with brightlances though, to make full use of twin-linked and since you need more anti-tank. You can keep both Wraithlords, but tossing one may give you options like the destructive D-cannon or Vibrocannon for swarm defense, though you have lots of multi-shot horde killers already.
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