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    1850 tourney eldar

    -- autarch
    mandiblasters, eldar jetbike, laser lance

    having 6 attacks of str 6, ws 6, I 6 are to good to pass up

    -- 3 shinning spears
    - 1 exarch
    star lance, withdrawl

    these guys are great against command sqauds and termis the plan is to turbo up 24 then an extra 6 then come out and destroy the enemies best cc or weapon sqaud

    spirit stones, doom and guide

    doom is by far the best power

    -- 7 pathfinders

    -- 7 pathfinders

    -- 9 dire avengers
    -1 exarch
    2 catapults and blade storms

    will probaly stick around the farseer because these guys with guide and doom can pump out twenty wounds against marines

    --9 striking scorpins
    -1 exarch
    scorpin claw and scorpin chainsword with shadow strike

    i like them for thier infiltrait ablity

    --9 howling banshees
    - exarch
    -wave serpent
    bright lances, spirit stones and vector engines

    -- 2 war walkers
    2 bright lances 2 missle launchers

    i put them in because I need some anti armour on the field for escaltion battles

    --fire prism
    holo-field and spirit stones

    --fire prism
    holo-field and spirit stones

    fire prism are standard a$$ kicking unit with two they can destroy the toughest tank or unit

    i like the list because of the infiltrating units and in escaltion this list will utterly destroy my opponet

    is any one as optimistic about this list like I am

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    A commander who puts his faith in heavy weapons alone will be outmanoeuvred. A commander who relies on close combat without support will lose his forces to enemy fire. Each element must work in harmony,so that the effectiveness of the army is greater than the some of its part.

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