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    [1000] Tau (Fun)

    Shas’el - 89
    Fusion Blaster, Missile Pod, Multi-Tracker, Stimulant Injector

    The Shas'el is supposed to be a tank hunter. His role is to deep strike and try and take out those pesky artillery units and other such things. If the enemy army doesn't include such things, I plan to hide him amongst the infantry and use him to kill transports.

    Ethereal - 50

    3 Stealthsuits - 105
    Burst Cannons
    Team Leader - Burst Cannon, Hardwired Drone Controller
    1 Gun Drone

    10 Fire Warriors - 110
    Pulse Rifles

    10 Fire Warriors - 110
    Pulse Rifles

    I wasn't sure about the Shas'uis, as I guess they already have the Etherial to provide moral support, but I figured its an extra degree of security.. What do you think? Could I spend those points better elsewher

    6 Gue’vesa - 56
    Gue’vesa’ui –Markerlight

    6 Gue’vesa - 56
    Gue’vesa’ui –Markerlight

    I like these guys.. The plan is that they should be pesky enough to be annoying, but useless enough that it's probably not worth shooting at them. They can also stand in front of the fire warriors and force leadership rolls.

    8 Pathfinders – 126
    Shas’ui –Hardwired Drone Controller
    2 Gun Drones

    Devilfish – 100
    Burst Cannon, Gun Drones, 2 Seeker Missiles, Marker Beacon

    Expensive.. but I really the idea of pathfinders and wanted to include some. The gun drones are there to catch the first few shots without depleting the number of markerlights in the squad.

    Sniper Drone Team – 80

    1 Broadside Team Leader - 115
    Smart Missile System, Advanced Stabilization System, Hardwired Drone Controller, 2 Shield Drones


    EDIT: I switched the skyray for a Broadside and made the Fire Teams bigger.. I figured I had too many markerlights and not enough actual firepower.

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