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    Please : advices on 1000 tau

    Hi, this is my first official Tau army list.

    I bought a Tau Megaforce and tried to make maximum out of it so here is my first army list :

    Commander (Shas'el)
    Plasma Rifle
    Missile Pod
    Drone controler & 1 Gun Drone

    97 points

    1 Crisis suit
    Plasma Rifle, Missile pod
    62 points

    3 Stealth Suit 90
    Fusion Blaster
    Leader : Drone controler, Marker Light
    107 points

    6 Fire Warriors
    Shas'ui : Marker Light, Target Lock
    85 points

    6 Fire Warriors
    Shas'ui : Marker Light, Target Lock
    85 points

    6 Fire Warriors
    Shas'ui : Marker Light, Target Lock
    85 points

    1 Piranha
    Seeker Missile (2)
    Fusion blaster
    85 points

    6 Gun drones
    72 points

    4 Pathfinders
    Devilfish w. Seeker Missile (1)
    138 points

    Hamerhead GunshipRailgun
    Burst cannon
    Decoy Launcher
    165 points

    Type Nbr Points %
    HQ 1 97 9,9%
    E 2 169 17,2%
    T 3 255 26,0%
    FA 2 295 30,1%
    HS 1 165 16,8%
    9 981 100,0%

    I still have 19 points left so there is still place for a little more stuff.

    Strategy :

    I want to use the manoeuverability of this army to it's full potential so my idea is to use the Pirannha to flank one side and therefore position his seekers missile to fire at the rear of side of those tanks. The pathfinder will be used either to mark those tanks or other anoying units. The PF's devilfish will be used to help my suits and gun drone to deep strike behind ennemy line and to bring a seeker missile on the other flank of the table. My suits and gun drones will deep strike and may be the gun drones will be used in conjunction with PF's marker light to pin units like havocs, devastators or IG rear guard. My Fire Warriors and the Hammerhead will make the frontline, although I have the intention to use my Hamerhead as a mobile all killing machine of rail gunned death.

    Usualy, I field at least 40% of troops with my chaos armies, but since I only have 22 fire warriors (includind pathfinders), this won't happen untill I buy myself another FW box. I want to try the pirranha as I believe it should be able to attain acceptable results if used properly.

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