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    1000 pt anti-Tau Force

    I'm having trouble beating a particular Tau opponent, that runs a mostly Mech Tau list at 1000 pts. It includes 2 Hammerheads (one Ion, one rail), 1 Devilfish, 1 Piranha, 2 Battlesuits, 5 Stealthsuits, and 20ish Firewarriors.

    We've played in various terrain levels, and my biggest problem has been dealing with all the firepower that gets thrown at me, and taking down the tanks and battlesuits. The Hammerheads have proved extremely resistant, and the Suits have hugged cover extremely well, as well as getting back into cover with their assault jump moves.

    I'd like to try a new approach this time, and thought of this (roughly, as my exact list is at home):

    - Farseer w/ fortune and singing spear
    - 3x Jetbikes w/ shuriken cannon
    - 6x Dire Avengers
    - 5x Wraithguard w/ Conceal Warlock
    - 8x Warp Spiders
    - 1 Wraithlord w/ bright lance and EML
    - 1 Fire Prism
    - 1 Warwalker w/ dual scatter lasers

    The basic theory is a solid firebase of the Wraithguard and Wraithlord to advance towards a main objective, supported by the Fortune Farseer. The Dire Avengers would also act as a screen in front of the Wraithguard.

    The Fire Prism and Wraithlord should be able to give the Tau Tanks something to do for a bit, and hopefully take one or two of them down.

    The Jetbikes and Warp Spiders can secure other objectives, or help contain the Mech's speed advantage, and Crisis suit hunt.

    In theory seems like an interesting idea. Thoughts? Better ways to attack the Tau army?

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    Try using Scorps, Shining Spears and Warp Spiders. they have good saves, good assault capabilities and can reach the lines fast.

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