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    Kroot Vultures kick but

    I've played 40k for a long time starting with imperial guard then sisters of battle. After the chapter approved Kroot merc list a few years back I decided I wanted to create a kroot army. At first I was thinking it was just for fluff and then I realized how awesome a Kroot merc army can be!
    The key is all kroot without krootox have infiltration which makes vultures packs unreal!
    I could Field an army of 80 or more kroot and have more than half of them have infiltration, jump packs as well as an extra close combat weapon with +1 toughness! I'm talking about 2 squads of 20 jump kroot with 4 strength, 4 toughness and one eviscerator. I can also have a inflating jump Shaper council of 5 characters with 3 wounds, power weapons and melta bombs! I can also have a sick master shaper that can join one of my jump kroot units of 20. On top of that I have two 10 kroot squads of normal guys with +1 toughness. I could afford a few krootox and a hound pack! All of my jump kroot guys will have the power to pop heavily armored targets with eviscerators as well as fight almost anything in assault! The krootox and other squads can also sit more than 6 inches into area terrain an still shoot out, it sounds sick to me.

    I can't what until I finish painting them.

    What do you guys think?

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    All i want to see is the
    Quote Originally Posted by Entaruis View Post
    inflating jump Shaper council
    sounds amazing how will you model that?

    Who did the Kroot eat to gain THAT skill?
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