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    1500 DE (variations on a theme!)

    1500 DE (variations on a theme!)

    Basically, I wrote a rather large response to this armylist by guardian angel, only to be told that the thread was too old to reply to (50 days). Anyway, by posting this now, even if it is too late to help the original poster (I hope not) I hope that this can help someone else, even if they're just passing by and reading it, it'd be a shame to just let this go.

    The List:
    I've had a slight re-think on a list I posted earlier. The maiin reason being I think maybe 2 wyche squads is to much, plus warriors are more flexible. What follows is the variation on a theme!


    Archon+punisher+torm helm+drugs+shadowfield+animus vitae+plasma gren=152


    9 wyches+ww+pg+suc+ag+raider=209

    5 Mandrakes=75


    9 warriors+syrabite+ag+sp can+blaster+raider=168

    9 warriors+syrabite+ag+sp can+blaster+raider=168

    9 warriors+syrabite+ag+sp can+blaster+raider=168

    10 warriors+2 dl=100

    10 warriors+2 dl=100


    Ravager+3 disie=120

    Ravager+3 disie=120

    Ravager+3 disie=120

    That comes to 1500pts exactly! The mandrakes I've included as point fillers, but also they could strategically help-out where needed most in the game. Plus they're an expendable unit.

    What ya guys think?

    I'm sorry that nobody has replied to this list earlier, I don't usually check the army list forum that often, and just do a rare army list replying frenzy and take 5-10 in one go, I'm hoping to change this though.

    Anyway, I think your list is quite powerful and very effective, congrats. A couple of little things though.

    I'm not a fan of taking 3 ravagers, for multiple reasons, apart from composition scores being lower, your opponent having a cry about it, your army being less interesting, it has downsides in game terms too. Because, by my count, there, you have 6 quite large skimmer vehicles, you will often not have enough terrain to hide all of these, so taking more than 4 or 5 in a list without webway portals isn't always a good idea. At least one vehicle will probably die first turn before they can even do anything, possibly 2. (always prepare for your opponent getting first turn, never rely on getting it yourself.) Besides this, its just excessive, 2 ravagers is enough, you will rarely be thinking "if only I had a third ravager".

    Anyway, from here, you have a few alternatives.

    Firstly, consider swapping out that mandrake squad for a full squad of warp beasts, they're the same ammount of points and will be more effective more often than not. I am not saying mandrakes suck (though they could be better), just that, it isn't wise to just use them to fill points, you should always have a tactic or plan in mind when you chose mandrakes, as otherwise, they will be as useless as their statline implies, but if you have a plan, and you use them right, mandrakes are awesome. Warp beasts are always awesome. But if you drop the ravager, and the mandrake squad, this means you could have a whole exta wych squad or some reaver jetbikes (I love them). Never underestimate reaver jetbikes. I'm not just going to say "get another wych squad" as you've clearly said that you think it might be too much, I don't agree with this, but it is your list not mine and other squads could fill that points gap easily. Consider warp beasts and reavers.

    Oooh, I almost forgot, with those points, you could get 3 haemonculi with destructors and scissorhands, these would be a huge benefit to your warrior squads, so you attach the archon to the wych squads (which gives you a lot of hidden benefits) and put a haemonculus in each squad, not only does he increase their combat potential, and versatility (taking out tougher things with invunerable saves), but the destructor is very potent weapon, it will very much aid their shooting potential against all targets, destructors are great. Your archon joining the wyches makes them ultimate, wyches usually kill things rather slowly, over a long, extended combat, but the archon makes up for this with his attacks and means that the wyches are great in combat both offensively and defensively, it also means that if they get the 12" charge drug, he can just go straight with them with his drugs. Getting a first turn charge with an archon with wyches isn't pretty for your opponent.

    Anyway, that's enough from me for now, I hope I've helped somewhat, even if it isn't you, but someone reading.

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