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    1500 Tau list for everything

    HQ: XV8 'el w/ CIB, PR, TA, MT, & 1 GD
    ELITE: XV8 'vre w/ AFP, TL BC, MT, & 1 GD acts as bodyguard

    HQ: Ethereal w/ 11 FW Honour Guard (rifles and photon grenades) in Warfish (SMS, TA, MT, DL, & TL)
    fish of fury for 29 shots at BS 4

    TROOPS: 6 Firewarriors (team leader w/ ML) not worth bonding, set up for crossfire
    TROOPS: 6 Firewarriors (team leader w/ ML)
    TROOPS: 10 Kroot speedbumps, hopefully behind 7-11" of woods

    ELITE: XV8 'ui w/ TL MP & TA sniper/distraction

    FA: 6 Vespid will try to shield w/ skimmers, kroot, and difficult terrain. points sink?
    FA: Pirhana, w/ FB, TA , & DL
    FA: Pirhana, w/ FB, TA , & DL

    HEAVY: Hammerhead w/ RG, 2 GDs, TA, MT, & DL
    HEAVY: Sky Ray w/ BC, TA, MT, DL, & free TL
    since i have no tetras this will be fun as a big weapons platform. since i only have 4 Mls i'll prolly be shooting seekers most of the time until out.
    HEAVY XV88 team leader w/ TL RG, TL PR, MT, & 1 SD
    at least he can move and shoot plasma, RG is weapon of opportunity

    I know it's not hard-core but I wanted to include each race and the Sky Ray for mobile MLs. I resisted the urge for 2 HHs to challenge myself (started w/ SM but they are too easy). I am trying for a list that is fun to play and challenging.

    Comments? Criticsm? Think it could be competetive list?

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