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    [Altaioc 750pts] with fluff, and Harlequins. Thankyou for reading. :)

    Hey guys!

    I've not posted in the Eldar forum for a long while, and I hope to see more of you guys around, and get to know you all well.

    This is my first eldar list with the new 'dex. I was really thinking about what I wanted - first Eldar Pirates, but then I looked again at the new Rangers, and I thought - Altaioc! I could get an army full of sweet new models, for lost $$, not have to paint up a horde, and still get to have fun!

    Now, I've not played eldar before, so he's my Altaioc list:

    Autarch Alburn Shadowfoot
    Force Sheild, Shruiken Pistol, Fusion Gun, Power Weapon, MandiBlasters, Warp Jump Generator
    - 125
    Alburn Shadowfoot has lead his contingent of Altaioc forces for many centuries, and over the course of the years has fought many of the ways of the warrior for his Craftworld. He is a proud warrior, and leads from the front. A consumate fighter, he leads by example and inspires feats of greatness from his forces. He is called Shadowfoot for his ability to appear from nowhere, surgically strike at the enemy's most vunerable points, before dissapearing again. Now he puts his experience gained from many years to excellent use, orchestrating the fire of his rangers, and aspect whilst delivering precision kills in the midst of battle to turn it favourably towards the eldar victory. He is often accompanied by Harlequins, the reasons for this often happening are yet uknonw. Wether he owes them something, or vice versa, no-one can tell as of yet. One thing stands true however: Alburn Shadowfoot


    Harlequin Troupe
    8x Harlequins
    All with Harlequin's Kiss.
    1x Shadowseer with 'Veil Of Tears' Power
    [i]These mysterious warrios often appear to fight with Shadowfoot, though the exact reasons are unknown. Perhaps Shadowfoot is just a tool to these myseterious devotees of the laughing God, and this may mean he is destined for greatness... or doom.


    The Silent Death
    5x Rangers
    [i]The rangers of shadowfoot are infamous amongst many in the imperial army, and the Rangers of Damon Longrifle are no exception. They take pride in being the ranger squad to have served under shadowfoot the longest.

    The Untouchables
    5x Pathfinders
    The untouchables are often never spotted by the enemy, and even their own army. Rather than being strictly loyal to Altaioc, they hire out their services to the highest Eldar bidder. However, Shadowfoot seems to have paid them well, as they appear from the webway when Shadowfoot marches to war. Their leader Zarakai Scarblade is notorious for his callousness, bu he seems to have a kind of begruding loyalty to shadowfoot, as the two served together as guardians in another life.

    The Hidden
    5x Rangers
    The hidden, lead Van Slipsword are notorious for being able to shoot upon one squad and reloacted to another area, without the emenmy knowing of their movements. This creates the illusion of a much larger force, and is a great aide that allows the enemy to be caught in Shadowfoot's master plan- whilst they fire at ghost in the forest.

    Fast attack

    Vyper with Bright Lance, Spirit Stones, and Vectored Engines
    - 105
    [i]Venom is piolted by the Two Brothers: Alexis and Daner Darkstar. These maveric piolts work in flawless harmony flying and shooting enemy tanks with unerring precision. Many at time has Shadowfoot been glad that he taught them how to fly the way they do, and many a time has the sight of the Darkstar's Vyper 'Venom' been the last sight of a clumsy enemy tank.

    Total: 746

    Ok, its pretty simple. The Rangers and Pathfinders take out infantry, whilst the vyper takes out tanks (there should only be like 1-3 in 750pt game.) The Harlequins can hopefully destory prime enemy infantry, and guard the rangers and pathfinders. I would use them to hunt... say Tac Squads, as opposed to my rangers shooting termies and scouts. Do you think that makes sense? The Autarch does both, he can do a good bit in combat, and take out at tank from behind if needed.

    So guys, any suggestions on the list/fluff/tacitcs?

    Thanks so much for the help

    Anzac Clan!
    Final Fantasy!

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    Your vyper/venom has to many upgrades on it. Drop them both. Missiles would also be better as you have the autarch for anti-heavy tanks.

    Swap the generator on the autarch for hawk wings. You don't have spiders to protect him from the warp and the wings will let him deep-strike and melt tanks.

    Drop 3 or 4 kisses from your harlequins. Preferably 3.

    just over 50 points to spend now. Either spend it on another vyper /w shuriken cannons. Or upgrade all your rangers to pathfinders. I personally like the 2nd vyper.

    Another option is to drop both vypers for a bright lance or missile wraithlord but thats unharlequin like.
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    Hi Yos, mainly I agree with LL, general obs:
    1. You are a little light on AT and vypers wont cut that, they will only hit half the time

    2. It is worth upgrading rangers to pathfinders whenever possible

    3. what you have is a passible attempt at 750 points, but by 2000 points your harleys will need more support and you will need more AT, probably a tight squeezse in a 250 point increase

    4. consider adding: Kroot (cheap and fit well with rangers), wraithlord (as per LL good solid AT, plus you can do nice conversions to make the WL a sniper pose), war walkers (2xBL or EML make good AT and the scout move implies they fit with rangers)
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