I've posted a couple other lists thusfar, but this is my current revision which sits on my painting desk ready to prep and munch on some Crisis Suit heavy Tau and sister/seraphim infantry based Witch Hunters. My marines and crons just arent much fun, so this represents a pretty radical change of pace. Here goes.

Craftworld Dorcha Kerun 1500

HQ- Autarch w/power weapon, fusion pistol, mandiblasters and spider pack.

Fast- 6 spiders and exarch w/powerblades, withdraw and dual spinners.

Troops- 2x5 Pathfinders
9 DA and exarch w/bladestorm and dual cats in a serpent w/SS, VE and double shuricannons.

Elites- 6 Harlies w/kisses (falcon cargo)

Heavy- Falcon w/starcannon, SS, HF and shuricannon
2 Prisms w/SS and HF

I figure ive pretty well got all the bases covered with this. Pathfinders find cover and dish out some wounds and pinning tests, Falcon deposits the Harlie bomb and hunts heavy infantry, the DA's and spiders work in tandem to drop squads while the prisms soften the lines and play cleanup. What im going for is a semi-solid firebase with the pathfinders and prisms while everything else overloads a flank. The overall speed of the list should make it very responsive and give it the ability to recover from the inevitable botched maneuver.

Any advice? Something I missed? Let me know and thanks in advance.