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    500 & 1000 necrons

    Well Ive posted my main 1500point necro army - now I need to make a 500 and 1000 point army for this mini-tournament thats being held around here

    Rules are as follows:

    Max 500 & 1000 point army
    Each army gets 1 special character free
    No Elites selection

    ---Dont ask why those rules were chosen, Im not making this tourny >.>

    Anyway 500 points:

    Nightbringer - Free (yay :-D)

    Necro Lord - 140
    Res Orb
    War Scythe

    10 Warriors - 180
    10 Warriors - 180

    Total - 500

    1000 point army:

    Deceiver - Free (yay again :-D)

    Necro Lord - 200
    Res Orb
    Vale of Darkness

    10 Warriors - 200
    D Fields
    10 Warriors - 180
    10 Warriors - 180

    1 Monalith - 235

    Total - 995

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    Not to nit-pick, but you're Lord is at 150pts in your 500 list and 205pts(illegal by the way) in your 1000 list.

    Drop the WS on the 500-Lord and you're golden. I considered both the C'Tan you could choose from, and my first impression was go Deceiver all the way. Then I considered what you might face and maybe having the NB would be better. Upon further study, though, the Deceiver would be far better than the NB just because of its special abilities. I highly recommend taking the Deceiver instead. It's your choice, and it's free, but that is the way I would go.

    In the 1000 list, the Deceiver can really shine. But here are some adjustments. Drop the Monolith. It has its merits, but with such a monster available to you, for free, you can really benefit from having a variety of Necrons out on the field. Drop the dFields on the Warriors. Since your Lord is illegal, take that Chrono off it. Drop the VoD as well. No Elites == no Immortals(which make the VoD shine). You now have a round 300pts to work with.

    Get 10 Scarabs with DFs(160pts), 2 hDestroys(in seperate squads, 130pts), and a WS for the Lord. This list is obviously missing some Destroyers, so working those in somehow is also advisible. But I figure, if your opponent is going to have an IC out there too, it's good to have something that has both range and punch. Those Scarabs will be able to keep other things busy while your Lord, Warriors, and Deceiver march along. If you build to fast an army, using VoD and Monolith, your freebie might get left along and get popped easy.

    Just my 2 copper.
    Karmoon: "well.. any kore = good kore" 12:35pm PST 23 May 2007

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    No elites and 1 free Special Character? There are so many reasons you've won this tourney.

    C'Tan will rock unless you throw them against Heavy Support.
    No elites = No terminators. OMFG!
    Tank armies fear your gauss (unless they're skimmers).

    The only problem you will face will be fast close combat armies (eg. Dark Eldar, Nids, Khorne, Black Templar etc.) Even then a Veil of Darkness should play havock with them.
    And over there we have the labyrinth guards.
    One always lies, one always tells the truth, and one stabs people who ask tricky questions.

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