After playing a few games at 1000 points I'm trying out a few new things. My main opponent is a Marine player so some of my choices are dictated by that. Let me know.


Shas'el, fusion, plasma, targeting array, multi-tracker 97

I'm still developing a touch for this guy. One game he rocks three terminators in a single turn and a fourth the next turn, another game he misses three times against a Dev. Squad. I like him though because he looks really scary to my opponent.

Shas'el, plasma, missile, targeting array, multi-tracker 97

This guy works with the other firknife and usually snipes at Marines until the Terminator Squad deep stikes in.


Crisis, plasma, missile, multi-tracker 62

Works with the Fireknife 'el to rock normal marines and terminators.

Crisis, twin linked missile, targeting array 53

This guy hates Razorbacks and Dreads and usually kills one of each a game. Easily the star of my army.

6 Stealth Suits 180

These guys never seem to work out for me but I love the models and I know I can figure them out eventually. Suggestions?


12 Fire Warriors, Shas'ui, bonded 135

7 Fire Warriors, Shas'ui 90

These guys just sit around in cover and usually shoot it out with a Tac Squad or two. Sometimes they get lucky and pop a Terminator or two also. I have tried them in Devilfish but I never found that they worked any better.


Piranha, fusion blaster, targeting array 70

I really want this thing to work out, and it managed to take a lot of fire and secure me an objective in the one game I played with it.

8 Gun Drones 96

I haven't used these things yet but I imagine them deep striking behind a Tac or Dev Squad and making my opponent angry.

Heavy Support

Hammerhead, ion cannon, burst cannons, multi tracker, decoy launchers 130

Thus far these things have been useless to me. I had a rail gun on it one game, in four turns it fired solid shot twice and submunition twice and killed zero marines. Another game if fired the ion cannon twice and killed two marines total. I am keeping the ion cannon in the hopes that it performs better later on.

total: 1000

Please let me know that you think.