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    Dark eldar 2000pts WWP

    Hi this is my first attempt at making a WWP army, please let me know if there are any things that need fixing...thanks.

    Archon with Punisher, tormentor helm, combat drugs, shadow field, animus vitae, and plasma grenades. with retinue of 5 incubi. mounted in raider. 321pts

    Haemonculus with destructor, WWP, and scissor hand. 90pts

    Haemonculus with scissor hand and stinger. 40pts

    5 wyches. succubus with agoniser and goblet of spite. all have haywire grenades, plasma grenades, and wych weapons. mounted in raider. 178pts

    10 wyches. succubus with agoniser. all have plasma grenades and wych weapons. mounted raider 223pts

    Beastmaster and 5 warp beasts. 87pts

    10 warriors. 2 dark lances. 100pts

    10 warriors. 2 dark lances. 100pts

    15 warriors. 2 splinter cannons. sybarite with WWP. 196pts

    16 warriors. 2 splinter cannons. sybarite wirh agoniser. 154pts

    14 kroot carnivores. Shaper. 133pts

    fast attack
    4 reavers. 2 blasters. 120pts

    Heavy support
    Ravager with 3 DLs and night shield. 120pts

    Ravager with 3 Dissies and night shield. 135pts

    TOTAL: 1997pts

    Clarity through Corruption

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    Power Armoured Zombie - great name!

    Anyway, I like the basic shape of your list, but have a few comments/ideas.

    1. Why not give the WWP to both Haemonculi, so that they can move with the Warrior squads, but detach when needed. Give both these Warrior squads 2x Blasters, and an Agoniser for the second Sybarite.

    2. Lose the Kroot to increase the first Wych squad to full size.

    3. Check the points for your Beast squad.

    Hope this helps

    Lord Ramon

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