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    1500 pt alaitoc tourny list, need criticism!!

    Ok, need help fast. I have a tournament this weekend with some of the highest ranked players in the midwest. I am for the most part comfortable with my list. Its won and lost me a few matches. Im just looking to tweak it if needed. We are using city fight terrain rules with generic scenerios. Lots of other eldar (atleast Iyanden and Biel Tan) A Undivided chaos, khorne, Crons, Nids, IG and a Ultramarine list. I tried to stick to the fluff as much as possible with this list. I wish i could add harlies for the fluff, but just didnt seem as practical as scorpions, tell me what you think! Keep in mind originally i didnt have the waveserpent, it was a unit of 15 stormies who had flamers with a warlock who had enhance. do you think i should keep that lineup?

    Farseer - singing spear, spirit stones, guide, doom. - he'll stick near and back up the warwalkers. come on, how could you pass up 16 TL scatter laser shots and 2 TL EML shots out of one unit, and to maximise the hurt re-roll wounds to?

    5x Pathfinders
    5x Pathfinders
    5x Pathfinders
    9x Dire Avengers w/ Exarch - 2 catapaults, bladestorm - Wave serpent - vectored engiens, shuriken cannon, TL EML - The idea for these guys are to jump out bladestorm, jump in and do it again.

    9x Striking Scorpions w/ Exarch - scorpions claw, stalker, shadowstrike - gotta have some CC right? i think this is my lists downfall, no real CC units but this one. hmm....

    Wraithlord - 2x flamers, EML, scatter laser
    3x Warwalkers - spirit stones, 2x scatter lasers, 1 scatter laser and 1 EML, 1 scatter laser and 1 EML
    Fire Prisim - Spirit stones, Holo-field, Shuriken cannon

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    Drop one dire avenger and get their transport spirit stones. While you've got immobilised covered, having it stunned pretty much equates to it being dead in the next turn (and/or scuppering your bladestorm attacks) .

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