This was a army I used that did pretty well in a battle I had last week.


Haemonculus, scissorhands, destructor....45pts

Haemonculus, scissorhands, destructor....45pts


5 warp beasts, beast master...75pts

8 wyches, wych weapons, succubus, drugs, agoniser, plasma grenades....183pts

7 grotesques....105pts


10 warriors 2 splinter cannons....100pts

10warriors 2 splinter cannons....100pts

10 warriors 2 dark lances....100pts

Heavy Suport


Points 853
Model count 54

My plan was to use the talos to protect my warriors as my sniper squad held firing lanes. My warp beast were used to cripple the one eldar player before dying. What do you think of this list good bad ok?