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    2,000pt Take On All Comers

    Eldar 2,000pts

    Strike Force One-Ear from Craftworld Chuel-Ama

    Having taken on the feedback from my last list post, here’s my latest list. As ever, I’d appreciate comment, criticism etc.

    Craftworld Chuel-Ama uses the Aspect based Strike Force One-Ear in precision combat, either to destroy their enemies or for specific missions. Keeping so many Aspect warriors together is difficult, as their volatility often causes problems. With this in mind the Chuel-Ama elders have assigned two of their precious Seers to control and command this battlegroup.

    Farseer Ochtlami uses her powers to divine the future, and direct her troops. Born deformed with only one ear, Farseer Taylinn has focussed his attentions on learning to fight along side Chuel-Ama’s Aspect warriors. He is a powerful Seer, and can easily turn the tide of a battle. With no lesser Seers in the strike force, Taylinn helps to tend to the Wraithlord known as Red Cloak.

    Guardians piloting Wave Serpents and War Walkers are assigned to the battlegroup as needed, allowing it flexibility and giving it the ability to react to different mission profiles.


    Farseer Ochtlami: Guide [75pts] With the War Walkers.

    Farseer Taylinn One Ear: Spirit Stones, Doom, Mind War, Fortune [150pts] With a Banshee squad.


    9 Howling Banshees: The Exarch has Acrobatics & an Executioner and War Shout [176pts]
    Wave Serpent: Shuriken Cannon and tl Shuriken Cannon, Energy Field, Vectored Engines, Spirit Stones [140pts]

    10 Howling Banshees: The Exarch has an Executioner [182pts]
    Wave Serpent: Shuriken Cannon and tl Shuriken Cannon, Energy Field, Vectored Engines, Spirit Stones [140pts]

    10 Fire Dragons [160pts]
    Wave Serpent: Shuriken Cannon and tl Shuriken Cannon, Energy Field, Vectored Engines, Spirit Stones [140pts]


    8 Dire Avengers [96pts]
    8 Dire Avengers [96pts]


    Vyper with TL Shuriken Catapult, Starcannon [70pts]


    War Walker Squadron: 3 War Walkers each with Spirit Stones, 2x Bright Lance [285pts]

    Squad of 5 Dark Reapers [175pts]

    Wraithlord Red Cloak: 2x Flamer, Eldar Missile Launcher [115pts]


    The temptation to over-spend by giving the Wave Serpents better weaponry was very strong, but I know that they’ll attract a lot of attention, and that their primary job is to deliver their Aspect Warriors. These Serpents should be enough of a target priority for my opponents, that the War Walkers should get a round or two with less fire directed at them.

    The reason for so many Fire Dragons, is purely because they’re bound to take plenty of casualties, and 6 man units cease to be effective too quickly.

    I have a War Walker squadron and Wraithlord, and after plenty of reading up, decided that the Dark Reapers would be the most effective 3rd choice for my heavies. These choices are heavily biased towards defeating MEQs, which I am constantly fighting against. I’d like to have given Star Cannons to the Walker squadron, but felt that I’d be too light on anti-tank weapons to risk this.

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    Ok, well here's what I think, take want you want from it.

    I recon you're spending to much on your HQ, lose a seer. Now with that second seer drop a power, only take what your going to use.

    What also strikes about this list is that you got plenty of hard hitting units, but no base to your army. The avengers and wraithlord sort of try and form a base but its lacking in man power. I would suggest guardians.

    Also, all your heavy hitting stuff is very volatile with weak toughness and low armour saves. If it were me I would swap the banshees for scorps as they got more staying power.

    Give your serpents Lances, they are a bargin for being twinlinked. In return, put scatter lasers on your walkers, this way your lances (which are your only real anti tank) will last a lot longer. It may also detract a slight amount of fire from your vunrable walkers.

    Drop the vyper.

    All in all, an ok start.

    Beef it out a bit, drop a seer and do some swaps with your guns and you got a nice list going.

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