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    1500 all comers rounded list

    Been toying with this list a little lately, it still needs some tweaking.

    By all comers I mean, at the least it will have to face Nids (swarm style), Chaos SM (both default and Khorne), SM, SW, IG, Tau, other Eldar, Necrons, and Orks.

    MEQs do make up about 60% of it's opponents... maybe 70 on a bad day... but not enough that I can totally just make it an MEQ busting list. Additionally I'd say almost half the MEQ players are working on a new army right now, so I'm probably rightly assuming in about a month it'll drop to only 30 or 40% MEQs.

    1500 points

    Farseer w/ Mindwar (or Guide/EldStorm, same cost)
    generally meant to hang near Wraithlord

    Autarch w/ MandiB, PowWep, Fus.Gun
    generally to run with D. Avengers

    Ranger x5
    deploy/use pretty default

    Dire Avengers x9
    w/ Ex, double shuri cats, Defend

    Striking Scorps x7
    w/ Ex, chainsabres, shadowstrike

    Wraithguard x5
    w/ Warlock, conceal

    Firedragons x6
    w/ Ex, DB flamer
    generally in Falcon

    Swooping Hawks x6
    w/ Ex, Hawk Tal, Sky Leap, Intercept

    w/ Scat Las, ShuriCan

    w/ dbl flamer, wraithsword, E.ML

    w/ Scat Las, ShuriCan, Holofield, Spirit Stone

    w/ Scat Laser and Star Can

    Obviously as an Eldar force the whole thing is meant to operate as combined arms, but these all stand out as being pretty tied in with one another.
    the Generally operates as blocks supporting each other... rougly...

    Dire Avengers
    War Walker
    form one combined team

    Fire Dragons
    form another team, though the F.D.s only till they're deployed

    Swooping Hawks
    Striking Scorpions
    aren't really a team, but the Hawks are the best thing I have to support my infil. SS's.

    Everything else operates alone, IE it works with whatever it can based on the battlefield terrain and where it is at the time.

    I've tried to in a general sense include enough CC power I can tackle armies I can't outshoot, and enough 24"+ range weaponary and high number of shot weapons I can reasonably weed down anything I can't CC. While I will lose to a, say, Tau shooty army or, say, Ork CC army if I let them excell in their chosen field, I'd like to think I've put in enough variety, manuverability, and special rules units I can at least keep more specialized armies from having total carte blanche to do their style of play.

    I'm open to any suggestions, criticisms, etc at this point as it's still a work in progress. Currently the Fire Dragons are the unit most likely to have me part ways with them. I'm just not content that they're needed for the role I intend them to do. Or I'm at least considering putting them on foot, and moving them with the DA/WarWalk/Autarch team to make it a more solid block of foot troops.

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    It is a very interesting list and it looks pretty good, here are just a few suggestions for minor tweaks. Farseers in my opinion one of the greatest HQ's in the game, because they are such an amazing support unit to the troops, so I try to keep his/hers powers reflecting that. If you keep the fire dragons drop the exarch he is way too many points, besides six melta shots and six melta assualts will suffice. Wrathguard really nead a transport to shine, because of their short weapon range and abysmal movement the enemy can easily out maneuver them and avoid the threat completely. I find double shurcannons on my vypers the most effective for points, you do lose a shot but you make it up with better AP and points saved. Maybe switch your scatter laser to a starcannon and take out some more termies. I suggest giving your Wraithlord a bright lance, especially if you decide to drop the dragons, then you could use the extra anti-tank. You should think about dropping this warwalker, all by himself he won't be doing a whole lot and he is easy victory points for an enemy. Use the points here to fill out your scorps and add to your hawks. Anyways hoped some of the suggestions helped you, good luck in your matches.
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    I agree with the FD Exarch, I never take him.

    Also, why not take Bladestorm? That makes DA's worth taking! I love to yo-yo them across even power armored units. Eventually they fail some saves.

    Homer Out

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    Farseer- I would take Guide/Doom. Mind war is good as well but I usually get more outta the guide/doom combo.

    Autarch- That is usually how i outfit mine, but i have him run with an assault unit.

    Rangers-I'd normally say rangers aren't worth the point, but pathfinders are more than worth their points.

    Dire Avengers- I would choose Blade storm, and power weapon/shimmer sheild.

    Scorpions- Chain sabres? no no no. Choose one of the other 2 weapons. You can't striek at base strength. no good.

    Wrathguard- Wrathguard are always fun. Hopefully your opponenet ignore them and pays for it when they reach him.

    Fire Dragons- i generally do not ever take an exarch. no need to. 5 melta weapons destroy any tank in game. Also if i was to take him....i would take the fire pike...hands down no questions asked.

    Swoopings hawks- In this codex these guys are good.

    Vyper- if you want to save points, take a shuriken cannon as main weapon.

    Wrathlord- im not real impressed with EML, but some people use it.

    Falcon-looks good, you may want to add vectored engines. with this added your falcon will be extremely tough to destroy.

    Warwalker- pretty fragile for expensive starcannons, keep him sheilded from fire, or give him cheaper weapons.

    As for your tactics, I dont really like the idea of a foot sloggin eldar army. Anything i want to get close to the enemy is a vehicle of some type of they are in a transport. If they are neither, they usually sit put in cover and shoot all game. EG: Guardian defenders...pathfinders...dark reapers...etc..

    With the new rules say you cannot assault out of a falcon/wave serpent..(which is a bunch of crap but oh well.) It will be hard to deploy them without them getting shot to heck. When you deploy an assault unit try doing it so they are sheilded behind cover...the tank is a skimmer so it does not block line of sight.

    Anyway just a few ideas. Good Luck.

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