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    1500 friendly list

    Heavy --

    4 Dark Reapers
    1 Exarch with tempest launcher

    1 falcon grav tank
    -fully upgraded (spirit stones, holo-field, star engines, vectored engines)
    -Shuriken Cannon
    -Pulse Laser

    1 War Walker
    - 2x Starcannon

    Troops --

    10 Guardian Defender
    -Shuriken Cannon

    10 Guardian Defender
    -Shuriken Cannon

    10 Guardian Defender
    -Shuriken Cannon

    Elites --

    5 Fire Dragons
    1 Exarch
    -Crack shot

    HQ --

    1 Farseer
    -Eldritch Storm
    -Runes of warding
    -Runes of witnessing
    -Spirit Stones

    6 Warlock
    - 1 Enhance
    - 1 Embolden
    - 3 Destructor

    Fast Attack

    8 Warp Spiders
    1 exarch
    -power blades
    -2x death spinner

    total cost: 1503
    model count: 67

    I started this game with Eldar and recently purchased some world eaters (chaos) but I was looking at this army list to try out. I play against a Space Marine, Necron, Tau, and occasionally Imperial guard and Nids.

    This list doesn't have much wham bam thank you ma'am but it has a large number of models and each could cause its own damage. The dragons would go in the falcon to drop at the right point to take down any units bothering me, and the spiders would jump around the field annoying everyone. My reapers and walker would stay in the back field laying some cover fire down while my 3 squads of guardians march up the field. I figure whomever I am playing would have a few choices either take out my big stuff leaving 30 guardians which could cause 60 attacks in one turn or they waste their shots on killing them while leaving my heavy weapons to do what they do best. My Farseer and council would march along with the gaurdians using fortune upon themselves to have 2 chances at the 4+ save and eldritch storm would be for spinning tanks or possibly taking a tank or two down.

    I'm still new so anything you could tell me would be greatly needed

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    My opinion

    Ok, here we go! First off I am not a fan of lone warwalkers(or lone Vypers). The warwalker is a very fragile model, I would try to field them in a squad of 2 at least. As for the falcon, fully upgrading it really makes it a juicy target. I would try maybe just spirit stones and vectored engines. With the reapers I would try to get the exarch fast shot as 3 S5 AP3 templates a turn is just nasty.

    On to the troops, I am really not a big fan of all guardians. They really aren't that great as far as stats are concerned and with their low LD will be heading for the hills if anything so much as glances at them. I would go with some Dire Avengers here, give them an exarch with twin shuricats and bladestorm. This combination can decimate a whole squad in a single turn. I would also recomend giving jetbikes and rangers a try. Versatility is always a good thing.

    As for the dragons, you don't really need the exarch as 6 fusion gun shots are going to mess up pretty much anything.

    The farseer is alright, I am a big sucker for jetbike mounted farseers and warlocks though. One thing I would look at is getting some of the warlocks singing spears so that when you spin a tank with Eldritch storm you can puncture that rear armor a little easier.

    For the warp spiders I would drop withdraw and powerblades. If these are getting in to close combat then something is going wrong. They are really meant to be a harrassment unit more then anything else. They tele forward, fire for all they are worth, and then get right back out of there.

    These are just my thoughts, most are personal preferences but use whatever you like.

    I survived LO Chat thanks to: Karmoon, Rabbit, Process, Tossy and Meish.

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