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Thread: 1850 3 prisms

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    1850 3 prisms

    I usually use 3 falcons, but I'm considering trying 3 prisms instead. You can see my thought proccess here. One more thing I've had pointed out to me since then is that a tri-prism list will have fewer scoring units, due to the fact that in a falcon list both the transport (i.e. the falcons) and the squad count.

    10x banshees in serpent w/cannons and brightlance.

    10x scorps w/stalking claw exarch in serpent w/cannons and brightlance

    10x DA w/defend bladestorm shimmershield exarch in serpent w/cannons and brightlance

    3x jetbikes w/cannon and spearlock

    3xprisms with all the goods

    You'll notice there's no HQ in this list. I've got 102 points left over for an autarch, but that's not really enough for a biketarch. If I reduce each of my aspect squads to 8 men each I have room for my favorite bike farseer, but I don't know if I really want to reduce the squads that much, especially since I only have 7 scoring units in 1850 pts. Ideas on an HQ for this list?

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    If "all the goods" includes vectored engines, drop them. VE are too niche for the amount of points they cost - they're useful for serpents but not particularly good for fire prisms. Drop them and you should free up some points to get yourself a decent HQ.

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    I agree wit Rork, and would go for a farseer on bike!

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