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    500 Point VS Tau (inputs please)

    After 7 months of collecting and painting my Eldar, it is time to wage war. This is going to be my first game, in about 2 weeks. Most likely I'll be facing Tau. Enemy force composition: unknown.

    My forces;

    HQ: Farseer
    -Singing Spear
    -Doom or Eldritch Storm or Guide

    Troop 1: Dire Avengers 10x
    -Power weapon and shimmershield
    -Bladestorm or Defend

    Troop 2: Pathfinders 5x

    Troop 3: Guardians 15x
    -Warlock with conceal

    I was thinking maybe dropping some Guardians for a heavy weapon platform. My one question is with the Warlock giving the Guardian squad conceal will my DAs be safe from enemy fire if they are behind the Guardians? I can also degrade the Pathfinders to Rangers for more points for Guardians.

    Chances of me winning isn't really high but I'm looking to have some fun and learn something out of this any inputs is much appreciated.

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    ok welcome to the mific world that is the Eldar

    First point, yes, absolutley get a weapons platform for the guardians

    Second your DA setup is not brilliant, give the exarch both abilities, however the exception would be against Tau, who have the assault ability of a wet haddock, they wont be charging you so you dont need shimmer shield and power weapon, or defend for that matter

    Observations on your chances, some where below 0.

    Assuming the Tau have a commander with a modicome of sense, (even if he is as inexperianced as you) he will outrange you, you will be spending atleast the first turn running accross the battlefield whilst he shoots you (his standard infantry weapon has 2.5 times that of your guardian weapons).

    Worse still if he is experianced he will field more than the one obligatory suit which will mean if he plays JSJ (Jump, shoot, jump) well, would will find you cant even shoot him when you think you have him in range. Add to that the prospect of him using "Fish of Fury" and you will get outshot even when you are in range.

    So.. you have a big problem, you need some mobility to deal with Tau.

    First thought, if you are regularly going o face them, get 5 hawks with an exarch, drop a few templates on any static fire line
    Second, consider adding scorpions, they will rip fire warriors to shreds and can infiltrate with the right exarch
    Third, get a serpent for the avengers
    You will eventially need to give anti tank some thought too

    Appologies if that sounds harsh, but your list is quite weak (I suspect you have followed GW standard recomendations - understandable for someone new to the hobby, but bear in mind they do this to make money) hopefully the above sugestions are of some use, if not for this battle, you could also suggest how you want your army to play or who your more regular opponents are then we can probably be more help
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    He's right.

    But I do believe guardians have to take a platform. I use to always take warlocks with conceal, but in all reality they still died like crazy. I just deploy them near cover and put them in it and get cover saves. The warlocks just didn't seem to be worth their points to me with a guardian squad.

    For dire avengers I usually give them blade storm and Pw+SS. But you will probably not make it close enough to shoot many things with them though. If you do, they are going to rapid fire you...and its not pretty.

    There has been several discussion on rangers/pathfinders and I beleive the general consensus was that rangers are not worth it, but pathfinders are. I use a squad of five pathfinders and always get them into cover. THey receive a bonus to their cover save. Unforutunetly your opponent will stop at nothing to kill them, whihch is good, since it will give your other troops a chance to advance without getting pounded by suits. I almost always shoot at broadsides with my pathfinders. It will take a couple rounds, but I almost always end up breaking them from fire(not always with pathfinders). But I wont get into that since at 500 points they will not be fielded.

    I'd probably give your farseer doom or guide.

    Good luck.

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