1500 PT. VS. Tau, Eldar - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    80 (x2)

    1500 PT. VS. Tau, Eldar

    H.Q.:Hive Tyrant w/ en. senses, V. Cannon, B. Strangler=130pts.
    Hive Tyrant w/ 2xScything Talons, wings, Psychic Scream=131pts.

    Elite:Carnifex w/ 2-TL-Dev, En. senses=113pts.
    3 Warriors w/ En. Senses, E.C., Toxin Sacs, V. Cannon, 2xDeathspitter, 3xScything Talons=118tps.

    Troops: 2x8 Spinegaunts=80pts.
    4x8 Genestealers w/ E.C.=640pts.

    Heavy:2 Zoanthropes w/ Warp Blast & Psychic Scream=130pts.
    Carnifex w/ En. Senses, V. Cannon, B. Strangler=148pts.
    57 total models w/ 4 TMC's

    The Tau list has Railhead, Devilfish, 2 or 3 Pirahna, large stealth squad, Broadsides, and H.Q. with many drones generally. One Eldar list has 2 Wave Serpent, Falcon, Vyper, Dire Avengers, sniper squad, and warlock/farseer H.Q. Other Eldar list usually has 2 Wraithlords, 2 Wave Serpents/Falcons, Farseer and warlocks on bikes. That is the core of the lists I usually face. Then they will mix it up with the rest of the points.

    Comments welcome. I do not own any Broodlord, Biovore, Ravener, Ripper, or Lictor models. Anything else is fair game. Thanks in advance for the advice.

    P.S. The Tau player usually wins so if you wanted to weight your advice in that direction I wouldn't mind:shifty: (I know it's not right but he gets smug when he wins:yes: )

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    91 (x6)

    2x8 Spinegaunts=80pts.
    I would put more gaunts in this is skimpy to say the least, if you want to overwhelm your opponent then you definately need more gaunts.

    Otherwise the list looks good, only thing I can tell you is use cover wisely if its available and try to use your TMCs to screen your Genestealers till they are close enough to attack and overwhelm.

    Also although Tau seems like a really shooty army, there not that bad, they're BS for the better part isn't that great, so just get into combat with them and you should do fine.

    Consequently Dropping the Spinegaunts for a Lictor might do your army well, if you could get that lictor into assault with a squad, you could distract him probably until your genestealers made it to combat.
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    140 (x3)

    As a tau player your thread title seemed interesting to me
    Maybe I can help you take down my beloved tau.

    It seems to me, from what you listed as the troops he used, you are kinda playing right into his hands using so many zilla nids. He looks like he has that in mind with his troop selection. With hammerhead pirahna's (im assuming at least one is a fusion blaster) and Broadsides, he has a lot of railgun/fusion (i.e. melta) capability here. Broadsides are going to enjoy shooting at your big nids with thier twin linked rails and same goes for the hammerhead. Pirahnas with Fusion blasters are quick and deadly against big guys too. They can scream foward and flank your zoanthropes and give them some hot flamey death.

    I agree that you probably need more guants against your tau freind anyway. If you can get unit of guants into hth with the broadsides, well there goes A LOT of pts worth of broadsides. THe broadsides won't be able to hurt your guants to bad as they are probably only taking up to three shots a turn. Pirahnas also can die to a bolter equivalent weapon, they are really fragile creatures, so yeah, just shoot at em with a lot of stuff and they die everytime. The hammerhead is your main threat able to kill both guants and big guys with equal ability (that sub munitions shot is a wonder). So take him out first and you should be fine.

    Hope that helps

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