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    750pt Eldar for tourney

    hey ppl

    its been a while and was looking for help on a list for a 750pt tourney list that i have done up.

    Here it is:

    Avatar 155

    5 x Rangers 95

    5 x Pathfinders 120

    5 x Wraithguard with Warlock and Conceal 215
    mounted in Wave Serpent - TL Brightlance and Spirit Stones and Star engines 160

    Basically the armies i will be against are Other eldar, space marines in particular Dark angels, sisters of battle possibly, orks and tau. and we will be playing on a 4foot by 4foot tables.

    the avatar will just trudge across the board looking for combat to get into, rangers and pathfinders will look for cover to hide in and best lines of fire, wave serpent will go ahead with wraithguard and try and kill tanks etc.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Farseer Bammo

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    Well it's definately against the norm of eldar lists... A lot of people won't like it but I'm not so sure.

    Give it a few games and tell us how it works. I honestly have no comments... maybe drop star engines on the wave serpent, lower the lances to missiles and make your rangers into pathfinders? or vectored engines on the serpent?

    I don't think you need star engines and its unlikely enemy vehicles will have more than 12 armour for the lance to effective. Besides wraithguard and Avatar own heavy vehicles already.

    EDIT: ok so I did have comment. :sleep:
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    Anzac Clan

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