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    what should i get for my army list?

    Well, i got this all of ebay for very cheap and i was wondering what should i get, i know i need some stuff, my army list,

    1 raider,26warriors,5 jetbikes,1 lord, 10 wyches, what else should i get?:yes:

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    I think I already answered this in a PM in a lot more depth than this reply is going to be but I'm not sure, and since nobody else tried to help I don't feel at all guilty replying a month late.

    Get: Another raider, a ravager, some more warriors including dark lance blisters. That should set you up for a reasonably balanced good starter army of around 1000 points as a guess. Get some blasters and a squad leader for the reavers. Perhaps add a reaver haemonculus to the unit with destructor and scissorhand. Put the lord in the raider with the wyches.
    Make 2 squads of 10 men warrior squads including 2 lances and put some with splinter cannons and a sybarite, possibly in a raider (when in a raider you only get 1 splinter cannon). If you can't or don't want to buy blisters for blasters and dark lances then I can link you to a couple of threads that would be extremely useful to you, but unfortunately on another forum, drop a PM if you want the links.

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