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Thread: 2000 point

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    Senior Member Towers's Avatar
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    2000 point campaign list

    1 Lord with warscythe, phase shifter, destroyer body, rez orb (210)
    goes with
    3 Wraiths (123)
    3 Wraiths (123)

    1 Lord with warscythe, Gaze of Flame, rez orb, phase shifter (195)
    goes with
    10 Flayed ones (180)

    10 Warriors (180)
    12 Warriors (216)
    8 Flayed ones (144)
    5 Immortals (140) (I only have 5 immortals as I haven't converted enough for a 10 man squad)
    5 Destroyers (250)
    1 Monolith (235)

    Total - 1996
    Phase out at 15

    I would have 2 10 man warrior squads and 2 10 man flayed one squads but I need to get round to converting another 2 flayed ones out of warrior bits.
    Someone is probably going to say use more warriors; I hate them, so I usually stick to the minimum number.
    I intend to deep strike the monolith into the enemy so I can use it to get the flayed ones into combat then teleport them out of combat so they can charge back in. I love using the gaze of flame with flayed ones just to see the annoyance of someone counter charging me and not getting any extra attacks and it lowers the Ld when they test before attacking the FOs.

    Any comments would be very helpful as I rarely battle at 2000 points and I need a big army for a campaign at my local store. ty.

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    Rather neat list, that's for sure. I like Necrons geared for CC and you've got some Firepower to back your CC-Units up too.

    What I'm not so sure about are the Warscythes. In most games they are wasted potential, since invul saves are not so common that the use of a warscythe is warranted. Sure, you rock against terminators and stuff... but all I see is three lost AP 3 shots.

    Consider swapping your Destroyers for 10 Scarabs. And getting 2 heavy Destroyers for the excess points. Sure, you diminish your Firepower, but you gain scoring units and some good support for your Wraith Wing.
    (I can already hear it: Heavy Destroyers suck, bla bla blabbity bla Trust me, they don't.)
    Not in my game you won't!!

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