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    Friendly Ulthwe--1500 Points

    HQ 270
    Farseer w/ Guide, Doom, Spirit Stones, Runes of Witnessing 130
    Farsser w/ Fortune, Mind War, Spirit Stones, Runes of Witnessing, rides in wave serpent 140

    Elites 196
    Harlequins (6, Shadowseer, all w/ Harlequin’s Kisses, rides in falcon) 196

    Troops 590
    Dire Avengers (8 w/ Shuriken Catapults, Exarch w/ dual shuriken catapults, Bladestorm, Defend) 155
    Wave Serpent (Scatter Laser, Spirit Stones) 125
    Guardians (15, Scatter Laser, Warlock w/ Conceal) 155
    Guardians (As above) 155

    Heavy Support 450
    War Walkers (3, 2x Bright Lances) 270
    Falcon (Holofield, Spirit Stones, EML) 180


    The guardians, war walkers, and fortune/mind war farseer will walk up, and absorb firepower. I've had good experiences with leman russes firing at fortuned guardians with conceal. The falcon and wave serpent will run around and flank, or take out any isolated squads.

    My primary enemies include IG with a couple tanks and lotsa infantry, stand and shoot Tau, Witchunters w/ Daemonhunter allies (or vice versa), and the occasional Chaos.

    Any advice would be appreciated!

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    Well, there are a few things that i would change in your list. First, the farseer probably shouldnt ride in a wave searpent because he cant cast any of his powers while he is in it, making it especially hard to help out those guardians marching up the field. The harlequins are pretty solid. Being in a falcon kind of makes the shadowseer kind of useless, but having both lets you be nice and flexible, so not a bad idea. Dire Avengers are always sweet, but bumping them up to ten will help and im not too sure that you should have defend on the exarch as Avengers probably wont last long in combat, even with the power. The guardians are great, I love using those guys and conceal has always treated me well. I would definately reccommend against the bright lances on the war walkers as it is a ton of points for some really flimsy units that probably wont actually dont do all that much damage, (hitting fifty percent of the time really hurts). They will have even more problems with a tau firing line and may not be able come anywhere near making their points back. Maybe converting them into a cheaper version, (like scatter lasers that can take out light tanks and infantry in droves) and adding in a wraithlord with a bright lance might help out. You will still be able to handle most tank threats from tau, IG, and witch hunters (barring a lot of leman russes or land raiders) while gaining a lot of infantry killing power (especially usefull against guard) and the rock solid wraithlord. If you want another bright lance in the army, try putting it on the wave searpent for the twin linked goodness.

    Hope this helps!

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    my thoughts

    I agree with gamer on most points. I would definitely try to get a bright lanced wraithlord in there. The warwalkers are just not a favorite of mine.

    I am also a single farseer kind of guy with either an Autarch or the avatar as my second HQ choice.

    I would try to add a little more CC power to the army as relying on 6 Harlequins to do all of the hand to hand work is probably not going to work out that well.

    Things I would change would be to change Bright lances on the warwalkers to either star cannons or scatter lasers and drop one squad of Guardians. With the extra points I would try to squeeze in a wraithlord with bright lance and a squad of infiltrating scorpions.

    I would also drop one of the farseers for an autarch w/ mandiblasters, fusion gun, scorp chainsword, and warp generator.

    I survived LO Chat thanks to: Karmoon, Rabbit, Process, Tossy and Meish.

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