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    big list that is awesome


    HQ: 1 shas'o with TL plasma and a missile pods

    1 squad of 4 stealths
    1 squad of 5 stealths
    1 squad of 3 stealth w/fusion gun (for deepstriking taking out transports)

    2 death rain w/target array
    1 el w/plasma rilfe/missile pod/shield
    1 w fusion gun/burst cannon/shield (i know, but it was the first I ever built.)
    1 w plasma rifles, something else (can't quite remember)
    all of these (stealth's, crisis) can be organized into various squads.

    1 squad of 12 firewarriors and devilfish, photon nades.
    1 squad of 12 firewarrior and devilfish, photon nades.
    1 squad of 12 firewarriors, photon nades.

    1 squad of 10 kroot, 4 hound, 2 ox, 2 shapers (I never use ever)

    Fast Attack:
    1 squad of 8 drones
    1 squad of 8 drones
    1 squad of 8 drones

    2 pirahnas w/fusion gun, multi, target array, target lock, etc.

    10 vespid w/strain leader.

    1 squad of pathfinders w/3 rail rifles (never really use)

    Heavy Support:
    1 railhead with burstcannons, all the upgrades
    1 railhead with SMS, all the upgrades.

    3 broadsides
    1 straight
    1 with plasma and the one that shoots two weapon in one turn
    1 with ability to shoot different squad (I can't remember which is TL and which is MT)

    oh yeah and 2 ethereals with shield drones that I NEVER use.

    anyway, I will post the points value soon.

    I don't use this whole list every game. I usually play 1,000 or 1,500. So I couldn't field the whole list.
    OH yeah and the railguns are interchangeable with ion cannons.

    Turtles For the Turtle God!
    Shells For the Shell Throne!

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    Okay mate, whats going on here. I don't know whether you are just giving us every single model in your collection (which it seems like) or if you are trying to post a list and see what we think......what is this.

    I think you need to re-read the army posting rules and get this sorted into something that is comprehensible.
    To start off with it completely illegal using a normal force org chart. This is not a list, it is just a collection of minitures.

    Re-read the forum posting rules, and then re-post.

    I don't care what you say. I found a lightsaber in my garage and that makes me a Jedi

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