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    Just starting Orks 1000 pts list

    I am just starting orks this is my first 1000 point list and will be playing mostly marines, tau, and eldar, is this a good list to battle them?


    Warboss Snobrot: kombi Shoota/Skorcha Uge' choppa, attack squig, Eavy armour, bionik bonce 102 pts


    Slugga boys 1: 18 slugga boys + 3 big shootas= 186 pts (Warboss hangs with these boys)

    Slugga boys 2: 19 slugga boys + 3 big shootas + Nob with big shoota and power claw= 219 pts

    Burna boys: 10 boys + 4 burnas= 114 pts

    Fast Attack:

    Trukka Boys: 10 Trukk boys+Wartrukk= 120 pts

    Heavy Support:

    Leman Russ: Lascannon+Heavy bolters+red paint job+grot riggers=170 pts

    2 killa Kans: 90pts

    1001pts total

    Feel free to help me in anyway with this list:yes:

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