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    1000 point aspect heavy

    Autarch: Warp Jump Genrator, Mandiblaster, Power Weapon, Death Spinner-120
    Pathfinders (6)-144

    Dire Avengers (10): Exarch, x2 Catapaults, bladestorm-152

    Fast Attack
    Warp Spiders (5): Exarch, Dual Death Spinners, Powerblades, Withdraw-152

    Swooping Hawks (: Exarch, Sunrifle, Sky-leap, Intercept-215

    Heavy Support
    Dark Reapers (5): Exarch, Eldar Missile Launcher, Fast Shot-217


    eschewing any dedicated assault units, I plan to just out-manuver and out-shoot any thing i face. The hawks and the spiders w/ the Autarch will harass flanks and hunt any truly nasty armor. The pathfinders infiltrate to cover, and annoy oppenents, hopefully enough to take some heat of my reapers, who hunt meqs and the occasional tank. The avengers can act as gap plugger and will keep all but the fastest units away from the reapers.

    This is a rough list after a long day at soccer practice, so feel free to shred the layout, although i'd prefer to not dump everything i have and have to buy a new army. Cheers

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    I am rather concerned about how it hangs together, Turn 1 all your opponent really needs to worry about is the reapers, can see them reachin turn 2,

    Undoubtedly you got some payback with stuff like yo-yo hawks but generally I cant see it inflicting enough damage to even the score

    If you really want to out shoto and out manouver your opponent then I would suggest driving by the 40K tactica forum, I wrote a piece on the Eldar light skimmer tactics, alternately if what you want is essentialyl a beil tann Aspect army but without the more common banshees, scorps and nowerdays harleys, then you need to either ditch the reapers or pose more threat on turn 1
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