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    1000 Point Thornwind Idea

    1000 points Thornwind

    Jain Zar

    4 Harlequins /w kisses
    Shadowseer /w kiss

    9 Dire Avengers
    Exarch /w diresword, pistol, bladestorm

    Wave Serpent /w twin-shurikannons, spirit stones

    3 Jetbikes /w shurikannon

    Heavy Support
    Falcon /w pulse laser, scatter laser, holo-fields, spirit stones

    Fire Prism /w holo-field

    I'm pretty sure that comes to 998 points.

    I promised you all I would look into some phoenix lord combo's. I think I found one I like.
    Basically the fluff behind my Thornwind is that they are exiles from biel-tan turned pirate. They constantly guard their former craftworld against any threats. Since they are a pirate fleet they rarely fight a battle preferring to just fly over the enemies heads and attack somewhere else and I'd rather not break the flying theme.

    Well I have few ideas for changing this army around. For a start is Jain Zar the right phoenix lord? I picked her because Asurmen and Karandras lose their main abilities (infiltrate, bladestorm) when in the falcon with the harlequins. Maybe even Fuegan would be good?

    Next is dropping the fire prism. It bring some anti-tank to the list and puts 2 holo-fields on the board to give my vehicles massive resilience. However by dropping it I can put missiles on the serpent, turn my avengers into a tar pit, add vectored engines to the falcon and throw in some vypers.

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    First off i'd try to make room for spirit stones on the Prism. Assuming your prism moves 6"+ every round so that it can only be glanced, if you've got holo-fields there's already a 25% chance that your opponent will roll two 4's or better on the glancing table, basically disabling your prism. Without spirit stones a roll of 3 will stop your prism allowing it to be penetrated next turn. The chances of two 3's or better is about 44%.

    If you want to stick with all flying, removing the prism is probably a wash. 1 prism has more resilience than 2 vypers, but depending on how you outfit said Vypers they'd likely cause a few more casualties throughout the game and provide 2 scoring units instead of one.

    Honestly i'd drop Jain Zar, pick up a jetbike farseer with doom and a singing spear, and swap the 5 'quins for 6x banshees incld. exarch w/ executioner or mirrorblades. This would save you 99 pts + 150 pts for the prism + 2 leftover points = 251 pts to buy three Vypers and those upgrades you talked about.

    IMO Banshees with doom support will perform as well if not better (depending on what you attack) than Jain Zar and the 'Quins at substantially less points, and the added bonus of the speedy Farseer's strength 9 spear punching holes in tanks.

    The bottom line being trying to get a phoenix lord and an all flying army is a little rough on 1,000 points.

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