Last night played my second game with my kroot army against 'nids and managed to get a Marginal Victory result!

The game lasted only 2 turns sadly, as the club reached closing time and kicked us out! Nevertheless, while I was left with a wounded master shaper, two full 16man units of carnivores, 10 hunters and a good 2/3rds of a 35man strong hound pack, the adversary only had a kitted out fex, 3 winged warriors, a zoantrope and his broodlord with 6 a six stealer retinue, which put me at a decent advantage.

My two hound packs were used to intercept his first turn assaults, giving time and space to the rest of the army to shoot out the 'nids.

Eviscerators proved to be a blessing from kroot-heaven against his fexes, most of all with the fex being able to kill 1-2 models per phase and the shaper having a lot of meatshields with him.

What I think really caught him off-guard was the fact that for once he was the elitist army with fewer models.