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    please provide imput

    My Dread colleges,

    I am now in the league finals tournament. Its single elimination. I am facing my toughest opponent tomorrow. I have not been able to defeat him yet. If I can bring him down, ( best 2 out of 3) then I have a good chance of defeating all others..

    Now the bad news..

    It’s the iron warrior player.

    9 obliterators, 3 heavy weapon squads, one obliterator, tooled up infiltration close combat lord, second tooled up infiltration combat lord, 2 troops of chaos marines.. 1 think one group of bikes, and the possessed kitchen sink.

    2000 points..

    Ok here are my two plans, every one please vote on one and its version, and then suggest a third if you wish , and any tweeks.

    Oh and if you are reading this you iron warrior scum! You don’t get a vote!! J

    Plan 1. million man march..

    Version a. 100 necrons, ( 2 squads of 18, 4 squads of 16) 1 lord with a rez orb and a veil. Plan.. move forward, veil out of combat with the lord and kill it.

    Problems: only one lord. Low res orb coverage. Slow.

    Plan 1 version b. 90 necrons 2 lords.

    Problems.. still slow.

    Plan 1 version c. ( adding a little speed)

    1 squad scarabs 10 bases
    2nd squad scarabs 10 bases
    2 warrior squads 15 men each
    4 warrior squads 14 men each
    1 lord rez and veil. Total 86 warriors.

    Still slow. But not as slow.. less warriors

    Plan 2 .. monolith drop

    Version a .
    2 monoliths
    1 lord veil and rez orb
    1 scarab group of 10
    1 scarab group of 7
    3 warrior squads of 14
    2 warrior squads of 10

    Deep striking the monoliths, push the warriors out the portal veil the warriors up the portal, attack at close range.

    Scarabs engage the gun lines

    Version b.

    3 monoliths
    2 warrior squads of 10
    2 warrior squads of 13
    1 warrior squad of 14.
    Lord with rez and veil.

    Problems.. liths may not come at all, or come at scattered times.

    I humble request the experience of my learned dread lords.

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    Wow! you have a lot of models to play with! Sorry you may have lost by now since I look at the time you posted this thread...


    any of your marches will be in vain, you might as well put your 'crons on the firing line. Phalanx does not work (easily)

    I think monoliths will be your best bet. If you're lucky enough they'll all come in at once. Also drop your particle whips asap to weaken any shooting that will truly threaten you (obby's, heavy's) Just make sure that you DS the 'liths 12" form the board edge, you'll never scatter off of the table. Also the enemy models will end up around the 'lith.

    If you can get rid of the heavy weapons, then you're golden.

    If I was late... What and how'd you do?
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